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Best Unique Bootstrap JavaScript Plugins


Though Bootstrap contains a great selection of useful plugins, there’ll always be those times when you need some extra functionality. Luckily, Bootstrap is pretty extendible and there are loads of JavaScript plugins available that will instantly add a desired behaviour and save you a whole lot of time and effort. Here are ten of the best unique Bootstrap JavaScript plugins to be found at CodeCanyon.

1. Dropdown Sidebar Menu Responsive Bootstrap Navigation

If you’re looking for a sidebar menu with a healthy dose of sophistication, the Dropdown Sidebar Menu Responsive Bootstrap Navigation plugin could be just the thing you need. The plugin supports multiple navigation styles, and users can set the default or change any navigation affecting window load and sidebar toggle features.

Dropdown Sidebar Menu Responsive Bootstrap Navigation

Main features:

  • designed and developed for any device
  • customisable menu trigger on each menu level 
  • dropdown menu with toggle effect
  • multiple submenu levels
  • and more

User Masino_Sinaga says of Dropdown Sidebar Menu Responsive Bootstrap Navigation:

“Easy to implement, and many options available to customize the look and feel that suits my needs.”

2. TinyMCE Bootstrap Plugin

The TinyMCE Bootstrap Plugin is a Bootstrap toolbar for TinyMCE that allows you to extend TinyMCE functionality using any Bootstrap element, like buttons, icons, labels, pagination, etc.

TinyMCE Bootstrap Plugin

Main features:

  • 13 plugins in one
  • 13 visual editors
  • easy to install
  • multi-language
  • and more

User Enigmatic says of TinyMCE Bootstrap Plugin:

 “I immediately translated it to German and will most probably purchase additional licenses for some of my customers' projects. I think it will be a great help for content editors who aren't tech-savvy.”

3. Responsive Bootstrap Modal and Popup

Looking for a plugin to display your images beautifully? If so the Responsive Bootstrap Modal and Popup plugin will probably do the trick. The plugin features modals and popups with a pleasing variety of elements like an image gallery, sign-in, and subscribe and contact forms, as well as 20 stunning ready-to-use examples of various modals.

Responsive Bootstrap Modal and Popup

Main features:

  • built with Bootstrap 3.x
  • five colour schemes
  • 26 animation effects
  • YouTube, Vimeo and self-hosted video support
  • and more

User WaddoBrian says of Responsive Bootstrap Modal And Popup:

“Great product and well written. Fantastic, quick and detailed support. Just what you need.”

4. Flat - Responsive Bootstrap Menu

Flexible and highly customisable, the Flat - Responsive Bootstrap Menu plugin is a great choice for building your custom Bootstrap responsive menus. The plugin offers horizontal and sticky menu versions and five different colour schemes.

Flat - Responsive Bootstrap Menu

Main features:

  • 100% responsive layout
  • 12 column bootstrap grid system
  • dropdown with three style types
  • flat and gradient colour effects
  • and more

Flat - Responsive Bootstrap Menu is highly versatile and suitable for any type of website, template, or landing page.

5. Paradise Slider

The Paradise Slider plugin features a selection of beautiful sliders in a variety of styles like sliders with thumbnail navigation, multiple image sliders, full-screen slider, carousel video background and parallax slider, etc.

Paradise Slider

Main features:

  • 130 ready-to-use examples of different sliders
  • touch swipe enabled
  • controlled slide timing and duration functions
  • different types of sliding transition effects
  • and more

User Ravi Rajcoomar says of the Paradise Slider plugin:

“The last slider pack you will ever need. Easy to use, well documented and very high quality. Support is by far the best, very quick response.”

6. Flip Box

The Flip Box plugin is a super cool plugin that will surely add a little pizazz to your web pages. The plugin offers a simple and easy-to-customise flip animation for all sorts of content like features, blogs, profiles, images, question and answer, etc., without the need to customise any JavaScript code.

 Flip Box

Main features:

  • unlimited flip boxes
  • 12 flip box layouts
  • vertical and horizontal flip
  • uses Font Awesome icons
  • and much more!

With 12 layouts and effects and tons of customisable options, Flip Box is easy to integrate into any website.

7. Zlogin - Simple Login System with Bootstrap

The Zlogin - Simple Login System with Bootstrap plugin provides users with a simple, secured and easy-to-customise login and user management system that will integrate with your own website beautifully.


Main features:

  • advanced admin panel
  • high security script with advanced login system with tokens
  • Captcha integration from reCAPTCHA
  • welcome email and activation email
  • and more

Zlogin - Simple Login System with Bootstrap can also be used as a start point to build your own CMS with a private user area where visitors to your website have to be logged in to view page content.

8. Responsive Bootstrap Sidebar Navigation

Responsive Bootstrap Sidebar Navigation is ideal for those looking to add a bit more functionality to their sidebar. The plugin adds both horizontal and vertical navigation menus with four levels of submenus to your sidebar.

Responsive Bootstrap Sidebar Navigation

Main features:

  • Bootstrap 3+ based
  • sticky sidebar
  • modern application style navigation
  • drop down, push, shrink, and overlay menu effects
  • Font Awesome version 4.3
  • and more

User Reactiveflorence says of Responsive Bootstrap Sidebar Navigation:

“Great job, works perfect, clear code, ultra speedy support.”

9. DMSS - Bootstrap jQuery Style Switcher

Need to test different styles on your website? Try DMSS - Bootstrap jQuery Style Switcher for an easy way to see Drupal or WordPress Themes and HTML5 website or Joomla templates in as many styles as you want.

DMSS - Bootstrap jQuery Style Switcher

Main features:

  • Bootstrap 3.0
  • custom colour picker
  • custom cookie script
  • make unlimited styles
  • and more

DMSS - Bootstrap jQuery Style Switcher is easy to set up and use and a great way to create unlimited styles.

10. Responsive Bootstrap Portfolio and Lightbox

The Responsive Bootstrap Portfolio and Lightbox plugin allows you to show off your images to their best effect. The package contains different types of lightboxes and portfolios such as image and video galleries, carousels and sliders of different types, etc. and allows users to create two, three, four, five, or six column galleries easily.

Responsive Bootstrap Portfolio and Lightbox

Main features:

  • 18 lightboxes
  • 18 simple portfolios
  • 6 sliders and carousels
  • 3 background colour schemes
  • and more

User Mmeneguzzo says of Responsive Bootstrap Portfolio and Lightbox:

“Installing the lightbox was very easy and the documentation very easy to follow. This product is well worth the money and saves a lot of time in having to code something yourself.”


These plugins just scratch the surface of products available at Envato Market. So if none of them catch your fancy, there are plenty of other great options there to hold your interest.

And if you want to improve your JavaScript skills, check out the ever so useful free JavaScript tutorials we have on offer.

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