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Best of the Web - May


It's time for a web roundup from the best of May and a bit of June. These posts take me so long to write, because inevitably I get sidetracked into reading all sorts of fascinating articles and sites. So make sure you've got a good amount of time free today, because we have some major linkage for you!


  • Introduction to CSS3

    This huge series of 6 posts will give you a complete introduction to CSS3 including some of the awesome features like web fonts and columns!

    Part 1 |
    Part 2 |
    Part 3 |
    Part 4 |
    Part 5 |
    Part 6

  • How to Code HTML Email Newsletters

    Last week I sent out a newsletter to launch our new stock audio site, that went out to about 20,000 people. Only after I hit send did I find out that Outlook really didn't approve of how I'd laid it all out, not to mention gmail and the webmail providers. If you need to send out email, sitepoint's new guide is definitely worth a read first!

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  • CSS Decorative Gallery

    Nick La showcases some great techniques to produce a series of image galleries using CSS, jQuery and even a bit of sIFR

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  • Back to Basics: Understanding CSS Positioning

    This great 3 part series will have you declared master of positioning in no time at all!

    Part 1 |
    Part 2 |
    Part 3

  • Easy Vertical Centering

    CSS has a tendency of making anything to do with vertical heights needlessly troublesome, but this simple explanation of vertical centring should go some way to clearing up some basics anyhow.

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  • 5 CSS Questions...and Answers

    I love Jeff's question/answer format, and this post answers some really common issues that CSS designers run into.

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Javascript & JS Libraries

  • 1kb Horizontal Javascript Accordion

    I found this link via our NETTUTS user link feed, and was really impressed. It's a simple, versatile little accordion effect that would work well on any site. And while you're over at Leigeber check out their huge array of other awesome components.

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  • Exceptional Ajax Javascript Techniques

    Noupe continues to roundup the best resources (including a few links to us!) and this post rounds up some 30 odd cool tutorials and techniques.

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  • 5 jQuery Questions & Answers

    Jeff from DetachedDesigns has been posting some great articles on jQuery and web design, this one answers a few solid basics in jQuery.

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  • ScreenCast - Intro to jQuery

    Can't be bothered with all this Reading business? Don't worry about it, because Chris's latest screencast will give you the intro you need without all the.. erm words.

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  • 9 Open Source Fisheye Menus

    You might be wondering wtf is a fisheye menu, click the link and you'll find out! Along with 9 links to great open source demos. And we have an NETTUTS tutorial coming on creating one of these little guys, so stay tuned.

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  • Using Flash and Staying Standards Compliant

    When you're developing with Flash, it's always good to finish it off by keeping your html container standards compliant, look out for searchability and work on usability issues. Over at CSS Tricks there's a neat article explaining the first of those three. I'll keep an eye out for tutorials on the other two!

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  • Advanced Animation with Drawing API

    They say code is art, so why not draw with it? A nice tutorial on using the drawing API with AS3.

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  • Opening a URL in Actionscript 3 Dynamically

    Plunge into AS3 with ScriptPlayground who have a bunch of great tutorials on various actionscript techniques. Also worth a look is how to display Digg posts using AS3

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  • Create an Amazing Flash Widget for Your Blog

    Abduzeedo's Fabio writes up a tutorial on making an RSS widget for your blog.

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  • The Ultimate Dynamic Image Gallery

    This has to be one of the longest Flash tutorials I've ever seen, spanning some 12 pages, but it sure looks worth it!

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  • FlashDen's Top 50 Files

    If you've never visited our sister site - FlashDen's top sellers list, it's worth a look, some of these components are really pretty amazing.

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  • FLATUTS - Coming Soon!

    OK so this isn't really a link, but I thought I would mention that a few days ago I managed to secure the domain FLATUTS.com and if you're into Flash, you'll be pleased to hear we're starting to find tutorial writers. I'll post more details soon.

Developer Links

  • SimplePie

    Need to process some RSS? Well SimplePie's super easy to use, really well documented, and frankly has a great looking website! Perfect for crafting that new PopUrls clone you always wanted to make.

    And while you're at it, check out this neat use of SimplePie to Create a Slick iPhone/Mobile Interface from Any RSS Feed

    Visit SimplePie

  • Iceberg

    Iceberg which launched really, really recently (today I think actually) is a web application that lets "anyone" build web applications. Sound like a big claim? It sure is, but seems to be getting some good press.

    Visit Iceberg

  • 7 Applications to Make Working with MySQL Databases Easier

    I've always just used phpMyAdmin, but it seems there are a bunch of neat solutions for managing your database, and SixRevisions have rounded them up for you.

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  • A PHP Guy's Look at Python

    With Google's App Engine only using Python, all of a sudden you might be wondering whether it's worth a look in. This Sitepoint article is a great intro for all of us PHP'ers

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  • 15 Places to Find Great Screencasts

    RWW rounds up a bunch of great sites to learn by watching, including favourites like Peepcode and lots I'd never heard of.

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  • Need a Good Coding Font?

    Looking for a nice font to code in? Envry Code R was released a couple of weeks ago and is worth a look.

    Get Envy

Content Management Systems

  • SilverStripe

    I came across SilverStripe recently and though I haven't had a chance to try it out, it looks really promising. Hopefully we'll see an SS tutorial here soon!

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  • Need a Forum? 8 Popular Open Source Forums

    WebTecker rounds up the best of the open source forums out there, I've only ever used Vanilla and PHPBB. If you haven't tried PHPBB v3, you really should, even just the install process is awesome!

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  • Mastering your Wordpress Theme Hacks and Techniques

    A fantastic resource for any wordpress themer with not only lots of content, but a huge number of links off to even more great articles!

    Visit Tutorial


  • DevKick

    A great new resource site that catalogs and collects components and resources, including a heck of a lot of jQuery stuff!

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  • 8 Fonts You Probably Don't Use in CSS But Should

    If you're anything like me, you're always looking for new ideas for your web designs, and using some of these not-so-standard fonts might just be one. I must admit I didn't know Gill Sans was so common on Macs!

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  • The Rise of Contextual User Interfaces

    An interesting article over at RWW about interfaces that change in context with the content, how they've been cropping up more and more and what relevance they have to web designers.

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  • Haulin' Ass with Dreamweaver - 10 Site Management Tools

    Though Dreamweaver doesn't always have a lot of cred, it does have some pretty powerful tools. I know I always use it for it's awesome find+replace tool. And this article takes you a through key features that you might not be making full use of.

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  • The Next-Gen Web: HTML5 - Will We Ever See A Real Standard?

    A fascinating look at where the web has been and where it's heading over at TechCrunch.

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  • Why We Skip Photoshop | Why We Don't Skip Photoshop

    The guys at 37Signals have always been pretty opinionated, a few days ago they posted about why Photoshop isn't part of their process. Jeff Croft at BlueFlavor answered with a rebuttal, and both articles make for good reading...

    37Signals' Original | Jeff's Rebuttal

  • 6 Ways to Subliminally Tell Users Don't Come Back

    An amusingly true look at some mistakes to avoid.

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