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Best of the Web: January

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The first month of 2009 has already come and gone, which means it's time to take a look back and reflect on the best of the month. Today, we will review the 25 most excellent tutorials, articles, and scripts of January 2009.

Panoramic Photoviewer in Javascript

Screenshot 1Screenshot 1Screenshot 1

First up we have an excellent article on Gaya Design that uses the Prototype Javascript library to create a custom panoramic photo viewer.

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Current Web Design Trends for 2009

Screenshot 2Screenshot 2Screenshot 2

Smashing Magazine, the online web design and development magazine, delivers again with this article. SM reviews the latest trends and techniques being used by developers and designers today.

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10 Usability Tips for Webdesigners

Screenshot 3Screenshot 3Screenshot 3

This roundup of tips on Web Designer Depot was posted days before January 09, but after reading the article I am sure you will forgive me. Have a look at ten excellent tips for designers and developers.

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10 Steps to Protect the Admin Area in WordPress

Screenshot 4Screenshot 4Screenshot 4

Sergej Müller and Alex Frison delivered a fantastic article for any Wordpress lovers, focusing on Wordpress security and protecting the admin panel.

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120 Excellent Examples of CSS Horizontal Menus

Screenshot 5Screenshot 5Screenshot 5

If you've ever been looking for some inspiration for a navigation menu on your site, you might consider visiting this tutorial reviewing 120 excellent and creative. horizontal menus.

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PHP Remote Kill Switch

Screenshot 6Screenshot 6Screenshot 6

OK, now this one is a lot more fun than practical, and I'm sure fellow developers will find this amusing. Bill D’Alessandro creates a 'remote kill switch' written with php that allows you to disable a script/website you have written. Not that you would ever use it...

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37 More Shocking jQuery Plugins

Screenshot 7Screenshot 7Screenshot 7

I am not completely sure 'shocking' is the corrective adjective to use in this scenario, but this article by Noupe does certainly contain an awesome collection of jQuery plugins.

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PNG-8 Alpha Transparency

Screenshot 8Screenshot 8Screenshot 8

Fellow ThemeForest member, Brenelz, recorded a very interesting screencast demonstrating how to use fireworks and the PNG-8 format to achieve transparency in any browser without a hack or fix.

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Reddit Style Voting with PHP, MySQL, and jQuery

Screenshot 9Screenshot 9Screenshot 9

"If you are a regular at Reddit, you must have noticed the way people vote there. You can either vote up or vote down. Pretty interesting, huh? This tutorial will show you how to create such a voting system with jQuery, PHP and MySQL." Enough said.

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Learning OOP in PHP ASAP!

Screenshot 10Screenshot 10Screenshot 10

Object Oriented Programming is a programming practice that confuses many, especially those newer to programming. João Gradim stepped up for the NETTUTS community and delivered an easy to understand OOP tutorial.

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How to Create Your Own Twitter Widget

Screenshot 12Screenshot 12Screenshot 12

Recently on NETTUTS, we had a popular article demonstrating 10 awesome ways to integrate twitter into your website. Following the tutorial below, we can now create our own twitter widget from scratch!

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jQuery and AJAX fun: Implementing a Paging Listbox

Screenshot 13Screenshot 13Screenshot 13

This one is for all you developers. Learn how to create a paging listbox (such as one for a shopping cart) with jQuery/AJAX and

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9Lessons: Javascript Form Handling

Screenshot 14Screenshot 14Screenshot 14

With all of the Javascript libraries available, sometimes we forget that plain ol' Javascript is all that is required to validate some basic forms. On top of that, it's a nice excuse to brush up on your Javascript knowledge and skills.

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The Sad Tragedy of Micro-Optimization Theatre

Screenshot 15Screenshot 15Screenshot 15

A fantastic read by Jeff Atwood of CodingHorror, Jeff warns about how useless micro-optimization can be and how it can damage productivity.

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10 Useful Web Application Interface Techniques

Screenshot 16Screenshot 16Screenshot 16

One of the most important features of any web app today is the user interface and how easy it is for the user to navigate. If you're looking for some tips and direction in this field, check out this tutorial written by Dmitry Fadeyev.

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100 Sources of Design Inspiration

Screenshot 17Screenshot 17Screenshot 17

A very nice design oriented article, rounds up a gigantic list of design inspiration, sure to inspire you on your next project or application.

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Building Your First Simple CMS

Screenshot 18Screenshot 18Screenshot 18

Many articles often focus on working with a CMS, but there are few that put emphasis on building your own. Jason Lengstorf sits in for CSS-tricks and shows us how to create a very simple CMS with php and MySQL.

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How to Display Feed Count for Google FeedProxy

Screenshot 19Screenshot 19Screenshot 19

One of the highest selling authors on ThemeForest, Kailoon, walks us through how to use php to display your feed count for Google FeedProxy. Simple and Practical.

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Using White Space Effectively in Web Design

Screenshot 20Screenshot 20Screenshot 20

The brand new came out with a bang when it published this gem. Learn some of the best techniques and practices for using white space effectively.

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10 Ways to Track Site Traffic, Popularity, and Statistics

Screenshot 21Screenshot 21Screenshot 21

For those looking to further analyze their website statistics look no further than this post by 1stWebDesigner. The article goes over 10 great tools and scripts one can use to analyze their traffic and site statistics.

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Use jQuery to Enhance your Wordpress Comment Form

Screenshot 22Screenshot 22Screenshot 22

In this tutorial by Trevor Davis, we are shown how to utilize the power of jQuery to improve our Wordpress comment form and the way in which it interacts with the user.

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Top 25 Most Dangerous Programming Techniques

Screenshot 23Screenshot 23Screenshot 23

One would be wise to follow the programming advice given by Jeff Atwood. In this article on CodingHorror, Jeff reviews the 25 most dangerous programming techniques and how to avoid them.

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70 Minimalist Typography Techniques

Screenshot 24Screenshot 24Screenshot 24

Typography is one of the many things in web design that is extremely under appreciated. Take a look at 70 awesome and minimal typography techniques. Or at least check out the pure text Darth Vader.

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A Variety of Accordion Effects

Screenshot 25Screenshot 25Screenshot 25

No matter your Javascript library of choice, the 'accordion effect' has become quite a popular one. It's easy to see why, accordion effects save valuable space and provide a pleasant effect as well. The las tutorial on our list today reviews some excellent accordion effects for your inspiration.

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