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Become an Envato Meetup Host


Inspired by your enthusiasm and support for Envato meetups over the years, and our desire to solve the one grumble about them (“Why can’t one be held in my town?”), we’re excited to announce the Envato Global meetup program, something everyone in the community can get involved in. 

Envato Meetups are self-organized events for members of the Envato community. Whether you’re a learner on Tuts+, an author on Envato Market, or a client on Envato Studio, get together—talk shop, trade war stories, make new friends and see the faces behind the avatars. They can be casual, coffee-shop get togethers or epic full-day events—it’s up to you.

Read the instructions below, then let us know if you’re keen to become an Envato meetup host.

Tuts and Envato Marketplaces London Meetup
The Tuts+/Envato London Meetup, 2014. See more photos on Flickr.

How Would It Work?

Sign Up to Host or Attend a Meetup

If you have a passion for the community, a bunch of creativity, and oodles of energy, sign-up to host an Envato meetup in your area. If one already exists simply pop along and get involved. 

Promote The Meetup

As host of your meetup it will be your responsibility to get word out, don’t worry though, we will help by tweeting about it from @envato. 

Get Sweet Merch

Request a merchandise kit, we will send every new meetup group a bag of goodies (laptop stickers, badges, nametags) in time for your first meetup. If your meetup continues to prosper we will keep the goodies coming with new and interesting stuff. 

Tell Us Your Story

Tell us about it, send a story about your meetup as well as some photos of the attendees, and we’ll do our best to share across the Envato network.

Envato Meetup San Francisco 2013
Envato's San Francisco Meetup, 2013. More images on Flickr.


If becoming an Envato meetup host is something you're keen to do, register your interest today.

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