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10 Best Android Game Templates



If you are familiar with the Android SDK, you probably know that using it to create a new game from scratch is no mean feat. Choosing the right game engine, supporting multiple screen sizes and DPIs, implementing error-free gameplay, and managing player data are all demanding tasks that can take days, if not weeks, to complete.

Thankfully, there's CodeCanyon, an online marketplace that, among other things, is teeming with well-thought-out game templates. By using one or more of those templates, you can skip most of the tedious aspects of game development and focus only on the bits that are unique to your game. 

In this article, I'm going to introduce you to some of the most feature-rich and awesome Android game templates available on CodeCanyon.

1. Zumbla Deluxe

Zumbla Deluxe home screen

Zumbla Deluxe, developed by gradle, is a recently launched Android game template you can use to create beautiful tile-matching games. If you think there are enough match-three and puzzle games available on Google Play already, I'm sure you'll change your mind once you take a look at the template's rather unique graphics and game mechanics.

Right out of the box, the games you build with Zumbla Deluxe will conform to both the marble shooter and match-three game genres. If you're not satisfied with the default Mayan-inspired sprites they use, you can effortlessly reskin them to match your preferences.

2. Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle gameplay

Block Puzzle is another Android game template developed by gradle. As you may have guessed by looking at the screenshot above, this template is ideal for creating simple yet addictive Tetris clones.

The template comes with smooth animations, colorful graphics, and awesome sound effects, all of which are easy to customize so long as you're familiar with Android Studio.

Additionally, Block Puzzle has support for AdMob ads built right into it. Therefore, you should have no trouble adding banner or interstitial ads to the games you build with it.

3. Bubble Adventure

Bubble Adventure gameplay

Bubble Adventure, developed by monkey-creative, is a match-three game template with cute graphics and intuitive game mechanics. If you're someone who wants to quickly publish several fully monetized casual games on Google Play, this template is for you. It features easily reskinnable assets, AdMob ads support, and support for both phones and tablets.

Because the Bubble Adventure Android game template offers lots of levels, combos, and boosters, the games you develop with it will have a high replay value and earning potential.

4. Online Word Quiz

Online Word Quiz gameplay screens

Trivia quizzes tend to be very popular on Google Play. If you're interested in tapping into this market, you should give the Online Word Quiz template a try. It's an Android game template that allows you to build both word quiz games and image puzzle games.

Developed by leenah_albanna, this powerful template uses the Firebase Realtime database to store all your game data, including questions, answers, and puzzles. This means that even after publishing your games, you can continue to add more content to them, thus minimizing uninstall rates.

The template also supports in-app purchases, push notifications, and analytics.

5. Slot Machine Deluxe

Slot Machine Deluxe gameplay

Slot machine games are highly addictive and can be extremely profitable. They also have zero learning curve. With the Slot Machine Deluxe template, developed by Droid_Coder, you can create games in this genre in a matter of minutes.

Because this template is built using the native Android SDK, you can be sure that the games you create with it will have optimal performance with smooth animations on all devices running Android 4.4 or higher.

For monetization support, the Slot Machine Deluxe template uses the latest version of the AdMob Ads SDK.

6. Shoot and Run

Shoot and Run gameplay

Jumping over hurdles, shooting stuff, and leveling up are gameplay features that are very fun and engaging. Games that have these features are called platform games, or platformers. With Shoot and Run, a game template developed by questo_play, you can create your very own platformer without having to worry about implementing in-game physics or hit-testing.

The Shoot and Run game template comes with over 50 randomly generated levels, a Spritesheet Editor you can use to reskin the in-game graphics, and AdMob ads support. It's also fully integrated with Google Play services.

This template was built using the BuildBox game maker tool. To customize it, you are free to use either Android Studio or Eclipse. Additionally, if you are familiar with the Cocos2d game development framework, you'll be able to easily make advanced customizations to it.

7. My Coloring Book

My Coloring Book gameplay

Coloring book apps can be therapeutic for adults and extremely fun for kids. With My Coloring Book, you can create your own coloring book app without writing a single line of code.

This template from Envato author iQueen comes with over 100 different levels, AdMob ads support, and a very intuitive user interface.

Because it's built using the cocos-2d-x multi-platform game development framework, games you develop using this template will be able to run on Android, iOS, and Windows too.

8. Plane Crash!

Plane Crash gameplay

Flappy Bird and its clones are still among the most addictive games available for smartphones today. With Plane Crash!, an Android game template developed by neurondigital, you can create your own clone of the game.

As such, this template gives you an infinite scrolling game where the hero, which is a plane by default, has to not only avoid collisions with walls, but also collect as many stars as possible. It's coded so that changing important gameplay variables, such as the plane's speed and the locations of the walls, is extremely easy.

The Plane Crash! template supports AdMob ads, leaderboards, achievements, and in-app purchases.

9. Spin to Fit

Spin to Fit gameplay

Spin to Fit from KartoFun is a template for obstacle-avoidance games that are optimized for touchscreen devices. The unique gameplay it offers involves helping a pair of orbs squeeze through rapidly approaching walls. Thanks to its dark, futuristic design, the games you create with this template are bound to please fans of sci-fi games and movies.

This game template includes five different characters, 24 interesting levels, and support for both AdMob ads and in-app purchases.

10. SkyWinner PUBG Tournament

SkyWinner PUBG Tournament sample screen

E-sports is a billion-dollar industry. Lots of Google Play users these days are actively looking for apps that allow them to spectate or participate in mobile game tournaments. The SkyWinner PUBG Tournament template, developed by skyforcoding, allows you to build Android apps that cater to this user base.

Using this template, you can effortlessly organize paid tournaments for Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), a very popular multiplayer game. The template offers support for several payment gateways, push notifications, and user management.

The SkyWinner PUBG Tournament template has two parts to it: a native Android client for your users and a PHP-based admin panel for you.


If there's one thing Android users can't get enough of, it's new games that are fun and beautiful. That's probably why a majority of the top-grossing apps on Google Play are games. Indeed, if you are a budding Android developer looking to find success on Google Play, creating a new game is your best bet. I hope you use one of the Android game templates you learned about in this article to kickstart the development of your next game.

Put one of these templates to use right now, or check out some of the other game templates available on CodeCanyon. In addition to games, CodeCanyon also sells complete templates for lots of other kinds of apps. Learn more about them right here on Envato Tuts+!

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