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August Facebook Fan Bonus Now Available!

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Fans of the Activetuts+ Facebook page can access a new bonus tutorial, this month a prequel (of sorts) to Chong Kah Shiu's Inverse Kinematics tutorial. Check out the preview here!


Picturing animation in Vectors is intuitive but understanding Vector mathematics is a pain. In this tutorial, I hope to ease that pain and provide a solution to animation problems using a custom written Vector2D class. We shall look at some fundamental concepts of linear kinematics in the Eulerian approach: displacement, velocity and acceleration. Then, we shall build a simple application with it.

Final Result Preview

Let's take a look at the final result we will be working towards. Click on the Flash panel below and control the arrowhead by pressing the four directional keys.

Download This Fan Bonus Now!

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Not On Facebook?

Don't worry, the tutorial will be posted on Activetuts+ in a month's time!

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