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AudioJungle Launches + NETTUTS news!

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So I know this is a blog about web design and development, but I thought I'd start my news post by announcing a brand new site we just launched called AudioJungle! It's a stock music and sound site, which expands off FlashDen into the audio market, and we're super excited about the launch.

Thank Goodness for CSS

A little while back I wrote here an article titled 7 Tips for Designing and Maintaining a Large Site where I talked about some of my experiences with FlashDen. Well I have an 8th tip now - Make Use of CSS!

When building AudioJungle, we saved enormous amounts of time by simply running an extra stylesheet over the top of the existing FlashDen set. This is kind of like those sites which let you choose what colours you want to use, except on a bigger scale. It took a little while to accomplish, but not nearly as much as laying things out all over again.


Meanwhiles here on NETTUTS, it's been a month since we launched and incredibly the site has attracted over 6,000 subscribers! A big thank you to SixRevisions who placed us right at the top of their well-dugg post 30 Websites to follow if you're into Web Development.

Interestingly, our sister site PSDTUTS was also on the list, but about half way down the list. This meant I got to measure the traffic difference in being at position #1 and #15 on a list that gets dugg. While PSDTUTS received about 2,000 visitors from SixRevisions, this site received almost 10 times that number!

If you're into SEO, you probably know a similar rule applies in Google placement. If you are come up at the top of the first page, you are apparently likely to receive something like 14x the traffic of the 10th spot. You can read more about this on the excellent SEOBook website in the article How Much is a #1 Google Ranking Worth?

In other news, we've had a great supply of tutorial submissions coming in, and you'll have noticed the number of authors here is quickly increasing as we publish reader contributions. Also the talented Raj Dash who wrote up our CSS Grid Frameworks post the other day has signed on to write many more in-depth posts. So I hope to slowly up the number of posts we get out a week to publish all the new contributions.

And if you have a moment ...

Finally if you have a moment, with AudioJungle going up, I thought I would submit it to some social media sites to make traffic :-) So if you have a moment, and like the site, I'd really appreciatea vote!

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