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Attend FITC Events and Save With Envato


For the digital creators among us, there are a couple of FITC sponsored events on the near horizon that we thought you’d like to hear about. Also, for those thinking of attending, we thought a bit of a discount would serve as a little icing on the cake.

This post was originally published on Envato Notes.

RIA Unleashed 2011

RIA Unleashed brings together guests and speakers from New England and throughout North America. This popular, low-cost event is accessible to every budget, and last year’s event was a super success.

This 2 day event packs in one full day of workshops, and one full day of presentations. Enjoy the over 20 presentations and 10 workshops with presenters that have been hand-picked for their skill and talent.

RIA Unleashed runs from October 27-28 2011 in exciting Waltham MA – just east of Boston. For more details head over to the RIA Unleashed website.


If mobile development is your thing, you won't want to miss out on SCREENS. SCREENS is now completely dedicated to mobile, tablet and set top box development. It is one of the only events in the world designed for developers of all platforms of screen content.

SCREENS includes 2 full days of presentations, plus one optional day of pre-conference workshops. The conference will include all the mobile tech from iOS, Android, HTML5 and JQuery Mobile, HP/WebOS, AIR, FLEX, Windows Phone, as well as the marketing and business of apps.

The conference runs from November 14-15 2011 in beautiful Toronto, Ontario. For more information hit up the SCREENS website.

Save 10% Off Your Tickets

FITC was gracious enough to extend us some savings on their events. Just use the discount code ‘envato‘ when you sign up to receive a 10% discount!

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