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April Facebook Fan Bonus Now Available!


Fans of the Activetuts+ Facebook page can access a new bonus tutorial, this month by AS3 101's Dru Kepple. Check out the preview after the jump!


In this tutorial, we'll be building a class file that creates a stylized mask for any DisplayObject. The mask will be based on Perlin noise, and create an effect of growing holes that progressively "eat away" at the DisplayObject until it is completely obscured. Along the way, we'll learn some of the more advanced techniques available using BitmapData.

Preview the Final Effect

Let's take a look at the effect we're after. The SWF below shows it off, in the form of the transition between images.

You can see that the images sort of melt into each other, in a random but organic way. New images begin to grow out of little spots, which eventually fill up the entire canvas. This effect is based on Perlin Noise.

Download This Fan Bonus Now!

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