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All Things Software and Data, FutureStack 2014

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Kicking off on October 8th is the 2nd annual New Relic tech/user conference, FutureStack, in San Francisco. A celebration of all things software and data, the conference promises to share both the inspirational and practical sides to modern software.

Designed by and for data nerds, the two-day event is split into three tracks:

  • Technology Track: Learn from the tinkerers, the thinkers, and the coders as they discuss the ways they’re using software and data to make personal, product, business, and technical decisions.
  • New Relic Track: Dive into New Relic services and get the inside scoop you won't be able to find elsewhere.
  • Hallway Track: An “unconference” with attendee-curated presentations on the topics you care about most.

Keynote addresses include Lew Cirne, CEO/Founder New Relic, Colleen Berube, VP of Business Services Adobe, and John Macllwaine, CTO Lending Club. A who's who of industry giants make up the remaining track speakers, as FutureStack vows to inspire, celebrate and educate you.

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