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Activetuts+ Has a New Focus: Browser-Based Apps and Games


From today onwards, our focus is changing. Instead of covering everything to do with Flash, Unity and Silverlight, we'll be covering the design and development of browser-based apps and games in general. This means no more tutorials on full-Flash websites or AIR, and lots of new content on game design, UI, and HTML5. Read on to find out what we've got in store!

What's Coming Up?

We've been preparing this change for a while, so we have a lot of articles planned, including:

A 2D Unity Game With a Portal Mechanic

Activetuts+ New Focus: Unity Game Tutorials

Daniel Branicki has built a great little puzzle game with a Portal mechanic in Unity. In this multi-part tutorial (part Premium, part free), he'll show you how to do the same.

Kinect With Flash, in the Mac Web Browser

Jonathan Reid takes his excellent guide to using augmented reality in Flash further with this Premium tutorial, explaining how you can use the Kinect controller with AS3.

An Introduction to FlashPunk

Daniel Sidhion shows you how to get to grips with the increasingly popular FlashPunk framework, which is designed for making Flash games and based on the Game Maker scripting language.

Pairs, Using Photographs From Flickr

Activetuts+ New Focus: Flash Game Tutorials

James Tyner recreates the classic card game of Pairs, but in his version, the images all come from Flickr, based on a keyword selected by the player. A great introduction to loading data and images from an external site.

Build a Finite State Machine in AS3

John Reyes explains how to build a finite-state machine, which can (among many other things) be used as the basis of a game engine.

Design a Photo Viewer App

Activetuts+ New Focus: Browser-Based App Design Tutorials

Daniel Apt takes you through the process of designing and animating the interface for this "Polaroid" photo viewer.

Guide to FDT

Michael Plank gives you a tour of FDT, an excellent development environment for Flash, showing you its unique features and explaining how to get started with it.

Linear Kinematics

Activetuts+ New Focus: Game Mechanics Tutorials

Kah Shiu Chong complements his inverse kinematics tutorial with this explanation of the reverse process: linear kinematics.

The Programmer's Guide to UI Design

Ashish Bogawat teaches you the basics of user interface design, so coders can create apps that look good and feel intuitive.

Ashish will also be offering public feedback on the design of web applications, so if you've built one that you'd like him to critique, get in touch!


We'll also be publishing articles about:

  • Game design, including tips from professional browser game developers,
  • The geekier aspects of coding, like data structures and big O notation, and
  • HTML5 development, starting with a simple avoider game tutorial.

If there's anything you particularly want to see within those topics, please let us know in the comments below!

What About the Old Tutorials?

Don't worry! All the tutorials we've published so far will remain on the site. However, we won't be publishing any new tutorials on full-Flash website design or AIR application development.

If you want to learn about effective website design, check out Webdesigntuts+ (it's run by Ian Yates, who was the editor of Activetuts+ until recently). And for mobile app development, of course there's Mobiletuts+.

Can I Write for You?

Send us a pitch! We're looking for in-depth tutorials about developing browser-based apps and games, as well as articles about game design, UI and UX, and case studies of such projects you've worked on.

We pay for these articles and give you full credit; see our Tutorial Submission Guidelines for more details and to find out how to submit your ideas.

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