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ActiveDen and Activetuts - New Names, Same Awesome Content

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For just over three fantastic years FlashDen has been the jewel in Envato’s crown. It is our longest running and most active community, and thanks to the amazing authors who showcase their work there, has become the largest marketplace for Adobe Flash files in the world with over 8,500 items for sale.

Last week Adobe asked us to change our name and URL so that it would no longer contain the term ‘Flash’, which is a registered trademark of Adobe. We know that the success of our sites is about the community and content, not the names. So here at Envato HQ we’ve been busy thinking up new names and we think we’ve found a great new home for both our marketplace and our Tuts+ blog on Flash.

As of today the two sites now live at ActiveDen and Activetuts+.

The new names amend the use of the word Flash, open us up for adding other technologies and are short and memorable! To kick off the new names I thought I'd round up a few of the best tutorials and items on the sites:

Kick Ass Flash Files - ActiveDen

Without a doubt the leading marketplace for Flash files, ActiveDen has some really popular files. Here are a few of the latest:

Image Logo Shiner Effect - $5

Flash Banner Creator & Rotator - $15

Flux Buttons - $4

XML Flip Book / AS3 - $30

Unlimited XML AS3 Template - $35

XML Countdown - $40

Smart PHP Quote/Contact Form - $15

Spinning Newspaper Head - $6

Advanced XML Image Gallery - $20

Dynamic XML Text Scrollbar - $8

Photoshow XML Template - $20

Slick Full Website Template - $40

More Popular Items on ActiveDen

Killer Flash Tutorials - Activetuts+

Though it's one of our newer Tuts+ sites, Activetuts+ is already brim full of quality Adobe Flash, ActionScript, Air and Flex tutorials and gaining momentum with every passing week. Here's a few of the standout tutorials:

  1. Build a Fluid Website Layout
    A fluid web layout uses 100% width (and height) of the browser, floating all the contained elements into certain positions. This is opposed to fix-width layout where contents remain fixed no matter what the browser size is...
  2. Create an Attractive Digital Clock in Flash
    ActionScript 3.0 is a very powerful language, capable of creating anything from simple and light utilities to full-featured desktop applications...
  3. Build a Mini Golf Game with ActionScript 3.0
    In this tutorial I´ll show you how to create nice Mini Golf Game with ActionScript 3.0. We´ll work with Event Handlers, Functions and also the Timer Object which is a really cool feature in AS3...
  4. Build a Dynamic Flash Gallery with Slider Control
    In this tutorial, we'll create a gallery which displays all image files in a given directory. A slider is used to browse easily through the images...
  5. Create a Shuffle Gallery in Flash Using XML and ActionScript 3.0
    In this tutorial I'll explain how to access and use the Display List whilst creating an XML based image gallery with ActionScript 3.0 ...
  6. Create a Glowin Mouse Trailer in Flash
    Mouse Trailers are objects which follow the mouse cursor as you move it. In this tutorial, I'll help you create a blue and shiny mouse trailer using ActionScript 3.0 ...

More Flash Tutorials on Activetuts+

More About The Change

You can read more about the change on the ActiveDen Blog or on TechCrunch. There's also a super long discussion thread on the ActiveDen Forums.

I'd also like to take a moment to say thanks to everyone for helping us with the transition and supporting FlashDen through three years of amazing growth and community, here's to many more as ActiveDen!

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