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9 Web Developers Who MUST Be Followed On Twitter

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This web roundup will list nine developers that absolutely must be tracked on Twitter. They represent the best of the best and are extremely active in the community. Be sure to follow each and every one of them. They might even help you if you've hit a bump in your coding! By the time you're through with this list, you'll probably think, "Why didn't he include this person!". Well be sure to leave a comment with those that I left off.

  • Eric Meyer

    Eric Meyer:

    Few web developers are unfamiliar with this name. In fact, the first CSS book that
    yours truly ever read was written by this man - "Eric Meyer on CSS". For the two
    readers in the dark, Eric Meyer is best known for his web standards work and for
    the many books that he has written over the years - most notably on Cascading Style
    Sheets. Currently, Eric works as a consultant for Complex Spiral Consulting.


  • Molly Holzschlag

    Molly Holzschlag:

    Molly is best known for her work on the "Web Standards Project". In addition to
    promoting best practices and web standards, she has written many books related to
    web design and was recently named one of the "Top 25 Most Influential Women on the


  • John Resig

    John Resig:

    NETTUTS focuses on jQuery a great deal. Why shouldn't it? It is easily the most
    popular Javascript framework available; no doubt due to its wonderful implementation
    of CSS selectors. Are you familiar with its creator? Meet John Resig. He's a young
    and brilliant man living in Boston. He is currently working for Mozilla.


  • Andy Budd

    Andy Budd:

    Andy is a web developer based in The United Kingdom, and is currently the director
    of "Clear Left". If I could name only one book that taught me more than
    any other, it would be "CSS Mastery" - written by Andy. If you haven't read it yet,
    I 100% recommend it! He is a big advocate for the web standards project and speaks
    at conferences around the world.


  • Jeff Croft

    Jeff Croft:

    In his own words - "I am a web designer and developer living and working in Seattle,
    WA. I am employed full-time by Blue Flavor, a design agency specializing in standards-based
    design and development for the web and mobile web. In addition to being a full-time
    designer, I occasionally author books on web design, speak at conferences, and blog

    For those interested, I highly recommend that you purchase Jeff's (co-written with
    Dan Rubin) book, "Pro CSS Techniques".


  • Jeffrey Zeldman

    Jeffrey Zeldman:

    Jeffrey is an author on web design and runs his own studio, Happy Cog. Most notably,
    he is the founder of "A List Apart" - a website that focuses on web development
    and best practices. The site is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year!


  • Chris Coyier

    Chris Coyier:

    In such a short time, Chris - owner of CSS-Tricks - has amassed over 7500 loyal
    subscribers (yours truly being one of them). Be sure to check out his video tutorials
    on Thursdays. For that matter, be sure to check the site every day! It will prove
    to be a vital resource. When he is not running his blog, he works as a web designer
    for "Chatman Design".


  • Cameron Moll

    Cameron Moll:

    Cameron is a designer, speaker, and author on all things related to the web. His
    work has been recognized across the globe. When he is not tending to his children,
    he maintains a blog and works as an "Interaction Design Manager" at the LDS Church.
    He was also a contributing author to CSS Mastery.


  • Collis Ta'eed

    Collis and Cyan Ta’eed:

    People like these two make me feel like a failure. While I consider the
    year a success if I'm able to redesign my blog once or twice, Collis and Cyan, at
    least it seems, somehow manage to crank out site after incredible site! Fastly and
    surely, their sites are becoming the premier resource for developers, designers,
    engineers...just about anything! They are currently opening the beta version of
    "ThemeForest". Click on the "Envato Network" button at the top right portion of
    this page to switch between sites. P.S. Are you followingNETTUTSon Twitter as well?


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