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9 Mobile Advertising Services

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Interested in releasing a mobile application and turning a profit with advertising? This post will introduce you to a number of different mobile advertising services and provide a brief description of each.


AdMob AdsAdMob AdsAdMob Ads

AdMob is the biggest ad provider for mobile phones and is owned by Google. Their ads have served over 250 million impressions on iPhone, iPad, Android, Flash Lite, WebOS, and mobile websites.

In addition to advertising, AdMob also offers analytics (beta) and Adwhirl, a service where you can combine AdMob ads, in-house ads, and ads from other providers in your mobile apps or websites. AdMob generally has a high fill rate and on most platforms AdMob ads appear as a horizontal bar on the top or bottom of the screen, taking up relatively low screen real estate. AdMob has an example banner ad to demonstrate the aesthetic feel of their ads.

Apple iAds


Apple Ads are a new service released with iOS 4.0 that allow developers to put ads managed by Apple in their iPhone and iPad applications. Because iAds are supplied and managed directly by Apple, payment is made in the same way as application sales. Ads are managed through iTunes Connect.

iAds typically have a lower fill rate but higher pay-per-click rate than other ad providers. iAds also generally display the same ad for a longer period of time. Just like AdMob, iAds appear as a bar on the screen, but when clicked through they show an in-app ad experience rather than simply leaving the application. The iAd in-app experience is built with HTML 5.



TapJoy is a service that allows you to implement multiple ad networks into your app. Similar to AdMob's Adwhirl, TapJoy combines ad networks to increase the fill rate of your ads, thus increasing your profit. In addition to advertising, TapJoy offers extra additional features like their own in-app purchase system and the ability to reward users for installing your app. TapJoy works with Pinch Media, an analytics solution, so you can monitor your ads and statistics.



iVDOPIA is a service that allows you to put video advertisements in your mobile app. You can add the videos anywhere or make them launch at start to display a quick video. The videos are HTML 5 and work on most mobile devices.

Google Mobile Ads

Google MobileAdsGoogle MobileAdsGoogle MobileAds

In addition to web advertising, Google's Ad network offers a platform for mobile app and mobile web advertisements. Google Mobile Ads has a very similar interface to AdMob, with a bar placed either on your site or app.



Burstly is very similar to TapJoy's platform. Burstly offers you the ability to run ads in your app coming from many of the major ad providers. Their network includes: AdMob, Quattro, Millennial, Google, Video Egg, Smaato and Greystripe, but can also support more if needed. Burstly's SDK is open source and offers the ability to make modifications in the ad. You can run an ad at any size or target your ads by location, day, and time.



Mobclix provides advertisements from multiple networks and claims a 100% fill rate. They also claim that their ads are the simplest to integrate with an application. Mobclix also has an analytics platform built-in, so ad providers can easily bid on your ad space and you can easily track statistics.



Zest Adz is an ad network that provides advertisements for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 7 (BETA). It too includes analytics to help you track your ad placement and statistics.



InMobi is an ad platform for both Android and iPhone. In addition to providing advertisements, they currently offer the ability to advertise your own apps with a $250 free advertising promotion. InMobi ads can be used to monetize both mobile web sites and mobile applications.

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