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7 Solutions for Tracking Mobile Analytics

Read Time: 3 mins

Need a way to track metrics for your mobile applications? Interested in how often your users are opening your app over time? This post will introduce you to a number of different mobile analytics solutions and provide a brief description of each.

Admob Analytics - Beta

AdMob AnalyticsAdMob AnalyticsAdMob Analytics

Admob, the biggest ad provider for mobile devices, currently has an analytics platform for the mobile web in beta. Learn about integration with your app on their web page.

App Clix

App ClixApp ClixApp Clix

App Clix is a popular analytics platform for mobile apps. App Clix is unique because it offers developers an analytics product, not an analytics service. With App Clix, developers runs analytics through their own server environment, cutting out the ability for the middle man to review the analytics data without authorization. App Clix claims compliance with Apple’s new “ban” on iPhone App analytics. App Clix delivers the developer information and statistics on their iOS apps bundled with iTunes connect information in an interface that the developer integrates into their server. They offer a range of pricing and integration techniques, suitable for any developer’s needs.



Bango is an analytics platform for both mobile apps and the mobile web. Bango provides identification for every user accessing the app, providing information like the user's carrier and connection speeds. You can also use Bango to drive mobile app campaigns and implement tracking for other application features. Bango offers integration of their analytics into most major mobile smart phones, including Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Palm, Windows Mobile and Symbian.

Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Analytics

Google Analytics is most famous for providing a free and powerful analytics platform for websites, but unknown to most, it also offers a leading mobile analytics platform. The platform is easily incorporated into a mobile app for Android and iPhone, in addition to mobile web applications and sites. Their mobile web analytics are available to developers in PHP, JSP, ASP.NET and Perl to allow for easy implementation. The service is free and the interface is very similar to their website analytics.



Localytics is a service that can be used to manage analytics for iPhone, Android and Blackberry apps. Their platform allows developers to easily compare information and statistics for better marketing judgement. It enables you to view the information in any customizable way, allowing for easier analysis. Their SDK for integration is open source and allows for easy customization. Localytics will be available on Symbian, Windows Mobile and Palm soon.



Medialets is an advertising and analytics platform for iOS and Android apps. They supply media rich ads in addition to mobile analytics, giving you a great one stop shop. Medialytics, their analytics campaign, provides great features like custom event reporting so you can get information on certain events. Medialets also gives you offline analytics, storing information for the next time the device has a network connection. Their are many other useful features that their service offers including App Store data access, user messaging, and seamless integration of their advertising campaign.

Pinch Media & Flurry Analytics


Pinch Media, and Flurry, two leading mobile analytics platforms, recently merged. They provide a free specialized service for analytics in mobile apps. They allow you to tap into user info with the approval of the user, giving you location, age, time, session lengths and more. You are also able to send messages and information to the analytics for later analysis. Sending information about what the user does while in the application is a great way to take advantage of such features. Pinch and Flurry also offer advanced analysis features like the ability to judge a user’s loyalty based on the number of sessions they have spent within the app.

Pinch and Flurry also offer a unique sister platform called App Circle. App circle allows you to drive promotion via analytics. You pay the ad providers per download, so you only pay when someone buys your app. Features like this help you drive your app up in rankings and help increase your user base.

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