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7 Great Templates to Promote Your App Online

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In last week's article, I wrote briefly about the importance of maintaining a strong online web presence to help promote your mobile applications, and I also showed you seven examples of mobile app promotional pages done well. This week, I'll followup on that article by showing you seven HTML/CSS templates you can either download for free or purchase in order to promote your own applications!



Fone is a great theme made by Gyro to showcase an app or multiple apps. Fone is built to be a one page slider theme, and is offered both in HTML/CSS format and as a Wordpress plugin. At the top there is an iPhone slider, giving you a perfect place to showcase screenshots from your app. With a little HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, this theme could easily support other devices like Android phones. As mentioned, a Wordpress theme is also offered as an alternative. This theme was created by Adam Gold and features a price point of $27 USD. The HTML theme is priced at $14 USD, and is well documented for customization and setup.

My Application

My ApplicationMy ApplicationMy Application

My Application is a theme made by DirkL7 and is perfectly setup as a one page site for any app developer. The theme has an iPhone off to the side, and is made so you can embed a video of your app in action. My Application is priced at $12 USD.

iPhone App Theme

iPhone App ThemeiPhone App ThemeiPhone App Theme

Jonno is a designer from the Netherlands who has a free HTML theme on his site for app developers. Unfortunately, this theme is not available on Themeforest, but if you are looking for a free alternative, it's perfect. Jonnotie's theme is similar to My Application above, where it features an iPhone frame on every page, offset to the left. This is a great place to show a video or screenshots of the app, and with a little HTML knowledge, it could be changed to feature Android or Windows Phone 7 apps.



In addition to Fone, Gyro on Themeforest created another theme that is a great solution for app developers. Stage is a multipage site that is relatively big, making it great for app development companies or people with multiple apps. The front page of the theme has a featured slider with iPhones that you can replace with screenshots of your own app. Because Stage is a full theme, it could be easily manipulated to show an iPad or another mobile device as a frame. Stage is offered as an HTML theme at $17 USD. It also has a PSD only counterpart for $12 USD.



SlickApp is a great HTML theme by two2twelve. The site has an iPhone on display at the top and next to it it has space to give quick features and a brief description. In the lower portion of the site, there is a multi-tab area where it is setup so that you can display screenshots, FAQs, testimonials, and, on other pages, screenshots, updates, and a contact form. This is one of the best themes for a single app, and you should check it out on Themeforest. It is priced at $12 USD.

The Developer

The DeveloperThe DeveloperThe Developer

The Developer, by designer LayeredPixels, is a great theme for a mobile app development company or someone with multiple apps. Easily adaptable to support either one app or multiple apps, The Developer is a great option for a landing page. The Developer currently is a Wordpress theme and is priced at $32 USD.

Build Your Own

Build Your OwnBuild Your OwnBuild Your Own

Interested in creating your own design? Nettuts+ previously released a series on how to create a promotional iPhone app web site starting from the PSD phase and ending with complete HTML and CSS. If you are interested in building your own design, this series by Jeffrey Way is a great series to start with.


I hope you get the chance to check out these themes. Hopefully you will find them useful in marketing your own apps on the web!

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