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$500 For Your Tutorial!


Hi, everyone. As most of you know, we recently launched our new Plus service -- which supplies members with exclusive tutorials and screencasts each month. Due to the fact that these tutorials must be of a much higher quality and include a respective screencast, we offer our authors $300+ compensation, depending on the tutorial's uniqueness and complexity. However, I'm willing to offer the authors of the next two accepted Plus tutorials $500 each!

What Do I Write About?

Unfortunately, we can't post on a wide range of platforms for this service. If we did, very few tutorials would be relevant to our readers. Instead, we focus exclusively on HTML/CSS, PHP, and JavaScript/jQuery. As for the topic, we expect our authors to present ideas which will prove to be popular with our audience. It could be an in depth step-by-step style of tutorial, or even a series of screencasts (i.e. "WordPress: Beginner to Master", or "CodeIgniter Essentials"). The two series referenced have already been posted/scheduled; however, you're free to submit a series on a different subject! If you choose to do so, make sure that you divide the series into 5+ lessons so that the reader/watcher may easily choose the appropriate video.

What Files Should I Submit?

We require three things with each submission.

  1. Written tutorial plus plenty of images, formatted as HTML.
  2. Working demo, zipped.
  3. Screencast, recorded at 1024x768, saved as a .mov file. If you've never created a screencast before, don't worry; it's much easier than you'd think! Refer here for instructions.

How Do I Format My Tutorial?

You can refer here for formatting instructions.

Is the Competition too High?

Absolutely not. Always remember, everyone thinks that. As a result, very few people actually submit their finished tutorials. If you write and explain yourself well, your chances are very high!

What If I Have A Question?

My door is always open. Feel free to email me at nettutsblog@gmail.com with your tutorial idea, and/or any questions that you might have. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

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