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50 More Flash Twitterers Worth Following

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We love Twitter at Envato :) It's an invaluable medium keeping us up to date and in touch with our respective industries. In recognition of that, this roundup is a continuation of the 50 Flash twitterers list we posted over a year ago. This new list includes twitterers who were overlooked last time, twitterers who have since entered our radar and all of whom are regularly RT-ed by @activetuts and @activeden..

As with last time, if you feel someone (perhaps even yourself) should have been on the list, leave their twitter name in the comments!

Look Who's Tweeting!

@activetuts and @activeden have joined forces. From now on Michael, Lance from ActiveDen and I will be in control of both Twitter accounts. The two accounts won't churn out identical tweets, but with three of us working on links and news you'll be sure not to miss anything Active related!

Any personal tweets will be signed with CoTags (check out the legend shown below) so if you see Just been punched in the face, again. ^LS you know it wasn't me..

Look Who's Tweeting!Look Who's Tweeting!Look Who's Tweeting!

Magnifying Glass by stre_kaza on GraphicRiver.


    These are the developers, animators, game creators and bloggers who get down and dirty with cutting edge techniques, then tell us all about it.

  • @andremichelle

    Name: Andre Michelle
    Location: Germay, Cologne
    Web: http://www.andre-michelle.com

  • @aral

    Name: Aral Balkan
    Web: http://aralbalkan.com
    Bio: Experience Designer & developer with a passion for crafting beautiful experiences. Keynote speaker, teacher, and author of Feathers & 'Avit iPhone apps.

  • @photonstorm

    Name: Richard Davey
    Location: Bristol, UK
    Web: http://www.photonstorm.com
    Bio: AS3 Games Developer / Retro Gaming Geek

  • @fbindie

    Name: Facebook Indie Games
    Location: The Well of Souls
    Web: http://fbindie.posterous.com
    Bio: A Twitter service for & about INDIE DEVELOPERS who want to build COOL FACEBOOK GAMES. Stealing Farmville's thunder 1 player at a time. 1 down, 80 million to go.

  • @retrogamer4ever

    Name: Joseph Burchett
    Location: United States
    Web: http://josephburchett.net/
    Bio: Web developer.

  • @ashorten

    Name: Andrew Shorten
    Location: Mountain View, CA
    Web: http://www.ashorten.com
    Bio: Senior Product Manager, Flash Builder

  • @beautifycode

    Name: Marvin Blase
    Location: Karlsruhe, Germany
    Web: http://www.beautifycode.com
    Bio: Driven by my musical heartbeats I'm an Interface- & Animationsdesigner as well as a Flashdeveloper, using Powerflasher's FDT. Totally addicted to Android & AIR.

  • @BrunoFonzi

    Name: Bruno Fonzi
    Location: San Francisco, CA
    Web: http://fonzi.com
    Bio: Powerflasher Interactive Digital Agency, Technology and Business Strategist + FDT Geek (Flash/Flex/haXe eclipse based IDE) + founder of FlashOnGames.com

  • @GarthDB

    Name: GarthDB
    Location: Cedar Hills, Utah
    Web: http://www.garthdb.com
    Bio: Director of UX at Rain

  • @johnlindquist

    Name: johnlindquist
    Location: home
    Web: http://johnlindquist.com/
    Bio: http://j.mp/johnlindquist

  • @seantheflexguy

    Name: Sean Moore
    Location: Denver
    Web: http://www.seantheflexguy.com/blog
    Bio: flex & air developer, technical author, musician, dj, chef

  • @seb_ly

    Name: Seb Lee-Delisle
    Location: Brighton
    Web: http://seb.ly
    Bio: Creatively digital, CTO Plug-in Media, papervision3D dev, intl conference speaker, writer.

  • @UntoldEnt

    Name: Ryan Creighton
    Location: Toronto Canada
    Web: http://www.untoldentertainment.com
    Bio: Ryan Henson Creighton, founder of Toronto game dev company Untold Entertainment Inc. - specializing in online kids games supporting TV shows

  • @iainlobb

    Name: Iain Lobb
    Location: Cornwall & London
    Web: http://blog.iainlobb.com
    Bio: Creative Flash Developer & Game Designer

  • @UnitZeroOne

    Name: Ralph Hauwert
    Location: Harderwijk, The Netherlands
    Web: http://www.unitzeroone.com
    Bio: Creative, Developer, Consultant, Speaker. Owner of UnitZeroOne, working on Aviary.com. Once a core Developer for Papervision3D.

  • @peterelst

    Name: Peter Elst
    Location: Belgium / India
    Web: http://www.peterelst.com
    Bio: Freelance Flash Platform consultant based in Belgium and India. Developer. Geek.

  • @bit101

    Name: Keith Peters
    Location: in a chair.
    Web: http://www.bit-101.com/blog
    Bio: Obviously I'm not a golfer.

  • @quasimondo

    Name: Mario Klingemann
    Location: Munich, Germany
    Web: http://www.quasimondo.com
    Bio: Computational Artisan, Speaker, Tinkerer, Mad Scientist, Radical Atheist, Sceptic, Scavenger, Dog Man, Pirate, Maths Groupie, Apprentice Art Collector, F.O.C.

  • @joseeight

    Name: joseeight
    Location: NYC
    Web: http://www.eightyearproject.com
    Bio: I'm a lead interactive developer with an avant-garde mind. I'm kind of in my own little creative world. Come and visit!

  • @newmovieclip

    Name: Koen De Weggheleire
    Location: Kortrijk | Belgium
    Web: http://www.newmovieclip.com
    Bio: Flash Platform Enthusiast

  • @Seantron

    Name: Seantron™ McCracken
    Location: Rio Rancho, New Mexico
    Web: http://about.me/seantron
    Bio: Dad, Autodidact, Developer (AS3, Java, Unity3d), R&D @Influxis, Math Dude, Game Dev/Junky, Heavy Sigher, Ex-Audio Engineer/Musician/Composer

  • @waxpraxis

    Name: Branden Hall
    Location: Washington, DC
    Bio: CTO, Automata Studios

  • Evangelists

    It's an evangelist's job to bring a message to the masses, so if anyone's going to have a lot to say about their work it's this lot!

  • @eduvos

    Name: eduvos
    Web: http://www.duvos.com

  • @FlashGen

    Name: Mike Jones
    Location: Haslemere, United Kingdom
    Web: http://blog.flashgen.com
    Bio: I'm a Platform Evangelist at Adobe. Flash Platform fanboy and all round tech geek

  • @markadoherty

    Name: Mark Doherty
    Location: London
    Web: http://www.flashmobileblog.com
    Bio: Adobe Flash Platform Evangelist (Mobile and Devices)

  • @paultrani

    Name: paultrani
    Location: iPhone: 39.456188,-104.711273
    Web: http://www.designupdate.com
    Bio: The 140-character version of an Adobe Flash Evangelist. These views are from the voices in my head and not Adobe's.

  • @renaun

    Name: Renaun Erickson
    Location: Henderson, NV
    Web: http://renaun.com
    Bio: Adobe Platform Evangelist focusing on Flex

  • @tpryan

    Name: Terrence Ryan
    Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA
    Web: http://terrenceryan.com
    Bio: 33 year old redhead geek from Philadelphia. I'm currently a Platform Evangelist for Adobe.

  • Events

    These guys are great for following if you want to keep up with who's appearing where and when. Your favorite speakers, your favorite locations, your favorite subjects.

  • @FGSummit

    Name: Flash Gaming Summit
    Location: San Francisco
    Web: http://www.flashgamingsummit.com
    Bio: Flash Gaming Summit is a one day conference dedicated to fostering the growth and success of the Flash games community.

  • @FlashAndTheCity

    Name: FlashAndTheCity
    Location: New York
    Web: http://blog.flashandthecity.com
    Bio: Flash and the City: Development and Design conference in New York City. May 13-16, 2010

  • @FOTB

    Name: FOTB
    Location: London
    Web: http://www.flashonthebeach.com
    Bio: Flash on the Beach Organiser

  • @riaunleashed

    Name: RIA Unleashed Boston
    Location: Boston, MA
    Web: http://riaunleashed.com
    Bio: Web development conference focused on the Adobe Flash Platform including ColdFusion, Flex, AIR and more.

  • Tools of the Trade

    It's always useful to see what the creators of 3rd party apps and add-ons are up to. Need to know if an update is coming any time soon? Have something to say about the product you're using? Interested in what other users have to say? Twitter is the perfect medium.

  • @flixation

    Name: flixel
    Location: Austin
    Web: http://flixel.org
    Bio: official flixel twitter account, will post news and API updates here from now on!

  • @hypeframework

    Name: Mr. Hall & Mr. Davis
    Web: http://www.hypeframework.org
    Bio: the HYPE framework is a collaborative visual framework developed by Branden Hall and Joshua Davis

  • @pixelbender

    Name: Adobe Pixel Bender
    Location: Seattle and San Jose
    Web: http://www.adobe.com/go/hydra
    Bio: Follow me for updates on the Adobe Pixel Bender Language

  • @PowerflasherFDT

    Name: FDT Team
    Location: Aachen, Germany
    Web: http://fdt.powerflasher.com

  • @tweenlite

    Name: Jack Doyle
    Location: Chicago
    Web: http://blog.greensock.com
    Bio: ActionScript Enthusiast

  • @flashdevelop

    Name: FlashDevelop
    Web: http://flashdevelop.org

  • Active Contributors

    You'll recognize this bunch; they're the names you'll regularly see flying past as authors of our tuts, or top selling files on ActiveDen. Keep up to date with new contributors by following the Activetuts+ Writers list. Carry on the good work guys!

  • @FlashArtOfWar

    Name: Jesse Freeman
    Location: New York
    Web: http://flashartofwar.com
    Bio: The Flash Art Of War

  • @hellofutureboss

    Name: hellofutureboss
    Location: Aveiro, Portugal
    Web: http://www.hellofutureboss.com
    Bio: Freelance Flash Developer & Webdesigner. Currently with projects in NYC, Barcelona and Berlin.

  • @actionsnippet

    Name: Zevan Rosser
    Location: Brooklyn NY
    Web: http://actionsnippet.com
    Bio: I’m Zevan Rosser, teacher at the School of Visual Arts in NYC- I do consulting for ad/design firms- Co-author of Learning ActionScript 3.0 a Beginners Guide

  • @JosephLabrecque

    Name: Joseph Labrecque
    Location: Denver, CO
    Web: http://memoryspiral.com
    Bio: Senior Multimedia Application Developer at the University of Denver and Adobe Education Leader. Multidisciplinary Artist / An Early Morning Letter, Displaced.

  • @laveklint

    Name: Pierre Laveklint
    Location: Sweden
    Web: http://www.laveklint.com
    Bio: Musician / WebDeveloper / Designer / Father / Spotifier

  • @MichaelJW

    Name: Michael J Williams
    Location: England
    Web: http://gamedev.michaeljameswilliams.com
    Bio: I help people make Flash games. Also tech editor for @activetuts.

  • @TomGreen

    Name: TomGreen
    Location: Oakville, Ontario.
    Web: http://www.tomontheweb.ca/Bio.htm

  • @damojo82

    Name: Moritz Praetorius
    Location: Cologne, Germany
    Web: http://damojo.net
    Bio: Stock Flash designer and developer of smart & stylish web applications

  • @kreativeking

    Name: Clemente Gomez
    Location: NYC
    Web: http://www.kreativeking.com
    Bio: Flash Developer - Author @FlashTuts+, @WebDesignerMag, @FlashDen

  • @loziosecchi

    Name: marco secchi
    Location: milan, italy
    Web: http://www.loziosecchi.it
    Bio: flash/flex programmer and game developer

  • @mtaulty

    Name: Mike Taulty
    Location: UK
    Web: http://mtaulty.com
    Bio: I do some developer stuff for Microsoft in the UK.

  • @psychicparrot

    Name: Jeff Murray
    Location: Canada
    Web: http://www.psychicparrotgames.com
    Bio: I make games!

  • Not Forgetting Of Course..

    I did it last time, so I'll do it again! In any case, I need one more to make up fifty and the post preview image is full, so I don't want to leave anyone out..

  • @activetuts

    Name: Activetuts+
    Location: Earth
    Web: https://active.tutsplus.com
    Bio: Flash Tutorials, Techniques, News and Awesomeness

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