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50 Flash Twitterers Worth Following

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There's no denying how useful Twitter can be when it comes to trawling the web for content. With that in mind, here's a quick roundup of 50 twitterers who tweet some of the most useful Flash-related content around.

(It goes almost without saying; if you have any more who deserve a mention, we want to hear them!)


    Developers and bloggers who push themselves as much as their platforms and applications, then bring you what they've discovered.

  • @LordAlex

    Name: LordAlex Leon
    Location: Montreal
    Bio: Flash Platform Consultant

  • @leebrimelow

    Name: Lee Brimelow
    Location: San Mateo, California
    Bio: Platform Evangelist

  • @JoshuaDavis

    Name: Joshua Davis
    Location: New York
    Bio: I sell forms and colors for a living.

  • @mchaize

    Name: mchaize
    Location: Paris, France
    Bio: Adobe LiveCycle & Flex expert.

  • @Michael_Plank

    Name: Michael Plank
    Location: Germany
    Bio: FDT Evangelist, Software/Game Developer, Teacher, Trainer

  • @ddura

    Name: Daniel Dura
    Location: Garland, TX
    Bio: Platform Evangelist at Adobe Systems focusing on AIR, Flash, and Flex

  • @Aktionscripter

    Name: ActionscriptArtist
    Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Bio: Currently I'm an Actionscript UI Artist at a gaming company.

  • @ryanstewart

    Name: Ryan Stewart
    Location: Seattle, WA 98107
    Bio: I obsess over Rich Internet Applications and work at Adobe as a Platform Evangelist

  • @richtretola

    Name: Rich Tretola
    Location: Indianapolis, IN
    Bio: AIR and Flex developer, author, and community evangelist. Adobe Community Expert and InsideRIA Community Manager.

  • @mdowney

    Name: Mike Downey
    Location: San Francisco, CA
    Bio: Product Manager and Technology Evangelist. Expert in Adobe software including Flash, Flex, and AIR. Now building iPhone apps.

  • @neave

    Name: Paul Neave
    Location: London
    Bio: Interactive Designer, Flasher and Professional Twit

  • @FlashGuru

    Name: Guy Watson
    Location: UK
    Bio: Freelance Flashaholic

  • @gskinner

    Name: Grant Skinner

  • @sebleedelisle

    Name: Seb
    Location: Brighton
    Bio: Flasher, technical, papervision3D team member, conference speaker, writer

  • @peterelst

    Name: Peter Elst
    Location: Belgium
    Bio: Flash Platform - Consultancy & Training

  • @sjespers

    Name: Serge Jespers
    Location: Belgium
    Bio: Platform evangelist @ Adobe and loving every minute of it

  • @jonbcampos

    Name: Jonathan Campos
    Location: Dallas, Texas
    Bio: :: Dallas Flex User Group Manager

  • @swfgeek

    Name: David Gamez
    Location: Monterrey Mexico
    Bio: Illustrator and Flash Developer currently working at Grupo W as Senior Flash Developer

  • Adobe's Top of the Class

    The following Twitterers are listed by Adobe as being amongst the most influential Flash Designers and Developers the world has to offer..

  • @vortex

    Name: Matt Voerman
    Location: San Francisco
    Bio: Flash Platform powered Rich internet application maniac

  • @mocaloca

    Name: MocaLoca
    Location: Australia

  • @rblank9

    Name: R Blank
    Location: Venice Beach, California, USA
    Bio: Entrepreneur, Technologist, Speaker, Writer & Community Leader

  • @rafiqelmansy

    Name: Rafiq Elmansy
    Location: Cairo, Egypt
    Bio: Creative Designer, Adobe Community Expert, Adobe User Group Manager

  • @bitchwhocodes

    Name: Stacey Mulcahy
    Location: Ottawa, Ontario
    Bio: I'm not who i say i am.

  • Groups

    They're the businesses, the forums, the apps, the events and the collectives who put Flash out there for the masses.

  • @Powerflasher

    Name: Powerflasher Team
    Location: iPhone: 50.786594,6.081070
    Bio: May the Flash be with you ;)

  • @air

    Name: Adobe AIR
    Location: Your Desktop
    Bio: I am a cross platform desktop runtime (run by @ryanstewart)

  • @flashallstars

    Name: Flash Allstars
    Bio: Be a web star!

  • @flashontap

    Name: Flash on Tap
    Location: Boston, Massachusetts
    Bio: Beer Festival and Flash Technology Conference in one! "code. create. raise the bar"

  • @adobeflash

    Name: adobeflash
    Location: San Francisco
    Bio: Flash Product Manager

  • @FITC

    Name: FITC
    Location: Toronto, Amsterdam, Seoul
    Bio: I am a design and technology event. I try to inspire and educate people.

  • @flexughh

    Name: flexughh
    Location: Hamburg / Germany
    Bio: Flex User Group Hamburg / Germany

  • @AdobeSXSW

    Name: Adobe SXSW
    Location: San Jose, California
    Bio: Official Adobe SXSW information Center. Interactive Web Awards, CS4, Flash, Flex, AIR & exclusive party info distributed via this Twitter account.

  • @flashforum

    Name: flashforum
    Bio: Flashforum, Flash Community for Flex and Flash

  • @flex

    Name: Flex Framework

  • @360Flex

    Name: 360Flex
    Location: iPhone: 39.760606,-104.985176
    Bio: Best Flex Conference out there!

  • @adobemax

    Name: Adobe MAX
    Location: Los Angeles
    Bio: Connect. Discover. Inspire.

  • @flashbelt

    Name: dave schroeder
    Location: Minneapolis
    Bio: I put on the flashbelt conference in Minneapolis. I also do music + sound design for interactive.

  • Envato

    A likely bunch if ever I saw one. You may recognize this lot from their contributions to Flashtuts+ and FlashDen. Good work guys!

  • @CodeBum

    Name: Jesse Freeman
    Location: NYC
    Bio: I am a homeless Flash Developer

  • @ahmednuaman

    Name: Ahmed Nuaman
    Location: UK
    Bio: I'm a freelance designer and developer with a first class degree in Interaction Design. I have strong knowledge of the web design and development industry

  • @cg219

    Name: Clemente G
    Location: NYC
    Bio: Flash Developer @Marvel - Author @FlashTuts+, @WebDesignerMag, @FlashDen

  • @UltraVisual

    Name: Shane Johnson
    Location: London
    Bio: Flash designer and actionscript developer

  • @activeden

    Name: ActiveDen
    Location: The Web
    Bio: Awesome ActiveDen Files, Community, News & Chatter

  • @digital_science

    Name: Digital Science
    Location: South Africa
    Bio: Multimedia Design / FlashDen Author

  • @oxylus

    Name: Oxylus Flash

  • @andreipotorac

    Name: Andrei Potorac
    Location: Iasi, Romania
    Bio: CEO Vuzum -

  • @bensonarts

    Name: Aaron Benson
    Location: Fort Worth
    Bio: Interactive Director at Rassai Interactive; Flash enthusiast

  • @chuckFD

    Name: Chuckanucka
    Location: UK

  • @SaafiDesign

    Name: Sher Ali
    Bio: CEO of Lucid Studios, Flash Developer and Provide Reviewer at Envato Market Places

  • @RimV

    Name: Rimmon
    Location: Sydney, Australia
    Bio: Flash Developer - Musician

  • @RyanTerryLLC

    Name: Ryan Terry
    Location: Brooklyn, NY
    Bio: Illustration + Design

  • Not Forgetting Of Course..

    Come on, you didn't think I was going to miss an opportunity to plug the Activetuts+ twitter account, did you?

  • @activetuts

    Name: Activetuts+
    Location: Earth
    Bio: Flash Tutorials, Techniques, News and Awesomeness

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