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5 Things You'll Learn at UDE 2014

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This year the Ultimate Developer Event has returned and narrowed its focus to feature the hot topic in development: APIs. Featuring two tracks from both sides of API-first development, Building APIs and Using APIs, this one-day event follows on from FOWA in the same Boston location, which makes it a handy add-on for those looking to attend.


5 Things You'll Learn

We’ve gone ahead and picked out our top five learnings from this years' schedule that will challenge your understanding and generate new thoughts:

  1. How to create an API that developers will want to use in their own product.
  2. How to use device APIs to build apps that take full advantage of the amazing smartphone and hardware technology on the market today.
  3. How to evaluate a 3rd-party API to discover if the service is the best fit for your product.
  4. Why the most exciting emerging markets are built on open platforms and not products, and how to make money on the web today.
  5. How to secure your web apps to shut hackers down before they do damage.

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