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15 Beautiful Resume and CV Web Templates

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Do you want to create an impressive online resume to highlight your coding career and catch the attention of recruiters, hiring managers, or clients?

On Envato Elements, you will find high-quality resumes and CVs optimized for the web.

These templates are professionally formatted and easy to customize. You can replace the placeholder content with your own credentials and experience.

Mat - vCard & Resume TemplateMat - vCard & Resume TemplateMat - vCard & Resume Template
Mat is an example of resume/CV templates available on Envato Elements.

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Resume and CV Templates on Envato Elements

Envato Elements has a number of responsive web resume templates you can build from. Check out these beautiful, functional designs:

1. PRO Card

PRO Card PRO Card PRO Card

Promote yourself and look stunning on any device using PRO Card. This responsive and retina-ready website resume template has the following sections that allow employers and clients to get to know you:

  • resume page
  • portfolio
  • about me
  • blog
  • services
  • contact

The portfolio comes with filters, detailed navigation, a slider, and an optimized mobile box. It also supports images, video and audio, YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud.

It comes with many customizable features that will help you build an eye-catching resume: color schemes, page in-out animations, font icons, and social icons. The resume template is compatible with modern browsers.

2. Penelope: Responsive CV / Resume Template

Penelope - Responsive CV / Resume TemplatePenelope - Responsive CV / Resume TemplatePenelope - Responsive CV / Resume Template

Penelope helps you make a lasting impression when introducing yourself to employers and clients. In addition to awesome designs that look crisp on all devices, this multi-faceted responsive template will function as your CV, resume, vCard, personal website, and portfolio.

It comes packed with features that will allow you to stand out from the competition: Ken Burns image background, flexible timeline, animations, web fonts, icons, and lightbox gallery for images, video, or audio.



If you want a resume that implements and optimizes the best parts of a professional resume, then consider VSResume. The responsive and highly customizable template is made with Bootstrap and is based on an analysis of over 500 existing resumes on the web. It comes with a video block and accelerated animations.

4. Mat: vCard and Resume Template

Mat - vCard & Resume TemplateMat - vCard & Resume TemplateMat - vCard & Resume Template

With this neat, organized, and minimal resume template, you can focus on letting your professional experience shine. Recruiters can easily navigate your resume using multi-page tab navigation. You can choose from over 12 widgets which you can customize with page animation, font awesome icons, Google fonts, and Google maps.

5. Malat: Bootstrap Personal Resume Template

Malat - Bootstrap Personal Resume TemplateMalat - Bootstrap Personal Resume TemplateMalat - Bootstrap Personal Resume Template

If you're an artist or creative agency, then the Malat resume and portfolio template is for you. This creative, minimal, and fully responsive template has both light and dark styles.

There is a lightbox gallery to show your portfolio. Your background can be HTML5 video, animated gradient, slideshow, image, image and color, or solid color.

Visitors can subscribe to your Mailchimp newsletter via AJAX subscription forms. Anyone can contact you directly on the AJAX contact form.

6. Sukces


Sukces is a powerful personal resume HTML5/CSS3 Template for everyone. It is based on the Bootstrap 3 framework and is a really powerful template. Thanks to responsive design, it's going to look awesome on any device! Because of the Sass pre-processor, it is super easy to customize and gives unlimited possibilities.

7. Raptish

Raptish cv site templateRaptish cv site templateRaptish cv site template

This template includes some amazing CSS3 effects and animations, optimized code, a contact form, Google Maps integration, Font Awesome icons, a filterable portfolio, and much more.

8. Jonk: CV Resume Personal HTML Template

Jonk - CV Resume Personal HTML TemplateJonk - CV Resume Personal HTML TemplateJonk - CV Resume Personal HTML Template

The best resume templates take care of the design and formatting so you can focus on highlighting your experience. The Jonk responsive HTML resume template comes with all the necessary features for your online presence like projects, services, blog, and testimonial page.

You can drag and drop your content into the pages. You just need to click refillable images to write descriptions for your portfolio. In addition, you have unlimited color options and over 100 web fonts to design your pages. The template is compatible with the latest Muse CC.

9. Split: Personal CV and vCard Template


You have one shot to capture the attention of recruiters, employers, or clients. Split offers you a very straightforward template to introduce yourself and show your experience. This responsive and customizable V-card and portfolio template offers you three sets of colors: red, orange, and green. All HTML, CSS and JavaScript code is well organized and commented.

10. Jestem


Jestem is an elegant and minimal personal resume vCard HTML and CSS template based on the Bootstrap 3 framework. It's built with responsive design, and its features include two main page versions, a blog, a contact form, six color versions, and 500+ icons, as well as full documentation and support.

11. SpirIT: Portfolio and Resume HTML Template

SpirIT — Portfolio & Resume HTML TemplateSpirIT — Portfolio & Resume HTML TemplateSpirIT — Portfolio & Resume HTML Template

Using SpirIT, developers and programmers can make a lasting impression with their creative portfolios. This template design is minimal and easy to customize. Your portfolio will have a grid-based design that can be presented in two amazing color schemes and your choice of Google web fonts. The template works great on all devices and displays perfectly on all screen resolutions.

12. Erika

Erika - Portfolio, CV And Resume HTML TemplateErika - Portfolio, CV And Resume HTML TemplateErika - Portfolio, CV And Resume HTML Template

Think of your resume as a high-conversion landing page, and you have the Erika template. It comes with everything you need to create an online portfolio, CV, or resume that attracts the right traffic.

This striking resume template is SEO-friendly and neatly breaks down your information: a header with your photo or presentation video, a section highlighting what you do best, and finally the about me section, including cool animations and Google fonts to make your pages come alive.

Built on Bootstrap 4.13, Erika works across all browsers, devices, and resolutions. It has a working contact form for anyone to reach you.

13. Robert Smith

Robert SmithRobert SmithRobert Smith

This unique template is a responsive and retina-ready HTML5 website with a grid system layout. It's well formatted and commented, so it should be easy to adapt and extend. It includes an Ajax contact form with validation and a working PHP mailer script. There are also about 70 retina-ready icons.

14. Mikael: Modern and Creative CV / Resume Template

Mikael - Modern & Creative CV/Resume TemplateMikael - Modern & Creative CV/Resume TemplateMikael - Modern & Creative CV/Resume Template

Mikael is a minimal and creative CV and resume template that will help your clients show their passion, accomplishments, and personality. You can customize resume pages by adding your own color schemes and smooth animations. For easy navigation, the template has parallax one-page scroll and off-canvas navigation.

This SEO-friendly template works across all browsers and devices. It comes with well-commented code and PSD files.

15. Me: Creative Portfolio and Resume HTML Template

Me - Creative Portfolio & Resume/CV HTML TemplatMe - Creative Portfolio & Resume/CV HTML TemplatMe - Creative Portfolio & Resume/CV HTML Templat

Me is a one-page and multi-page HTML5 portfolio, CV, and resume template for designers, developers, freelancers, artists, and photographers. You can edit the template and organize it according to your needs.

How to Get Past Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

You'll likely have to supply an offline version of your resume for many jobs. In that case, you should consider that your resume might be reviewed first by an applicant tracking system (ATS). Applicant tracking systems track, select, and sort submitted resumes. If your resume is a match, then it gets on the review queue, where a recruiter or hiring manager will evaluate it. However, if the ATS does not understand or approve your resume, it will never be seen by a human being.

The following tips will get your resume past the algorithm of applicant tracking systems.

1. Tailor Your Resume to the Job Description

Read the job descriptions carefully and include keywords related to the advertised position. Don't make the mistake of overstuffing your resume with keywords. The ATS will reject it.

2. Spell Out Abbreviations

All title abbreviations should be spelled out—for example, CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and so forth.

3. Use Professional Fonts

ATS algorithms scan for professional fonts like Times New Roman, Garamond, Helvetica, Arial, Calibri, and Tahoma.

4. Proofread Carefully

Print out your resume and hunt down all spelling and grammatical errors that may lead to automatic rejection by recruiters.

5. Stick to the Traditional Resume Format

Keep it safe with neutral colors. Avoid anything that will make your resume look unprofessional.

6. Use Your First and Last Name in the File Name

Use your first and last name for your resume file. It's easy to find on the system should the recruiter need to look at it again. For example, MaryJohnResume.docx.

7. Word Document Files Are Always Safe

Many ATS systems are partial to Word documents, so using a Word .docx file makes sure the file will be read correctly.

More Resume Resources on Envato

If you're applying for a job anytime soon or looking to improve your professional presence online, then grab one of these easy-to-customize resume web templatesresume presentation templates, or graphic resume templates on Envato Elements and get started!


There is a wealth of information on Envato Tuts+ to help you write a resume that stands out. Let's have a look.

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