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5 Examples of Beautiful Resume/CV Web Templates

It's becoming more and more common for potential employers to simply request a link to your website, rather than a sheet of paper. And an online resume is a good professional compliment to your PDF resume—the two work together.

Did you know that we have a big set of themes on ThemeForest, specifically for resumes/CVs optimized for the web? Here are a handful of responsive, web resume templates you can build from. Check out these beautiful, functional designs: 

1. Personal vCard, Resume/CV & Portfolio

This is a vCard web template. It’s fully responsive, built on HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap Framework, and can be readily customized. It’s a condensed, clean design in a flat modern style.

Personal vCard Web Resume
vCard web resume live preview.

2. Material CV/Resume

The style of this CV/Resume HTML template is based on Google Material Design. It's Retina ready, includes multiple color options, Layered PSD, and is fully responsive. 

Material style resume web template
Material Resume live preview.

3. Profession - CV Resume HTML Template

This is a responsive resume HTML template. It has a modern layout, that is horizontal on desktop screens and changes to vertical layout in tablets and smart phones. You can showcase your professional skills with animated pie charts, add quotes, videos, and more to your web CV.

Profession Resume Template
Horizontal scrolling, profession web template live preview.

4. CV / Portfolio – Responsive Resume + 7 Bonuses!

A modern, functional resume template. It's a response design, with multiple styles and customization options for putting together a professional online presence. 

Responsive CV Resume Portfolio Web Theme
Responsive Web Resume live preview.

5. Vertica - Retina Ready Resume / CV & Portfolio

Multipurpose web resume theme with vCard and folio. Made for digital professionals to display your work experience with stylish bar graphs and outline your work history with an interactive scrolling line.

Web-Ready ResumeCV Theme
Interactive web resume live preview.

Think You Can do Better?

If you're a web designer, why not head over to ThemeForest and submit your own design? There's a lot of money to be made from creating high-quality, web templates, but you have to submit something first.

Alternatively, if you're applying for a job anytime soon, or looking to improve your professional presence online, then grab one of these easy to customize web resume templates and get started!

And finally, if you want to get a customized resume or CV design, head over to Envato Studio and commission one of the experts there. For example, Vicasso will design a dazzling two-page resume for you in a variety of formats, for just $75.

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