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4 Things You'll Learn at Velocity Europe

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This year the Velocity Europe event, held in Barcelona, will focus on the core issues and opportunities that are specific to the European performance and ops community, as well as the most significant worldwide themes and players.


The Top 4 Things You’ll Take Away From Velocity Europe

1. How to Deliver a Fast and High Performing Web Experience

Now considered an expectation with success measured in milliseconds. Velocity Europe will assist you in uncovering the latest tools, technologies, and expert advice on getting your site to perform at warp speed.

2. Run Operations With Efficiency and Scale

Learn what's important to monitor and when, understand which metrics make a difference, see how some of the world's largest sites deal with config management, failover, downtime, best practices, and other key issues in the operations side of the Web. With mobile now being the way most of your users experience the Web, you’ll learn how to get your mobile-first strategy in place.

3. Meeting Mobile Consumers Expectations

As mobile takes center stage user expectations have skyrocketed. At Velocity, you won't just get the tools you need to make the mobile web faster, you'll learn how to measure, analyze, and improve mobile performance, learn how UX/UI play an key role in performance, and improve operations and deployment so your apps are never out of date or unavailable.

4. Learn Why Cultural Change Is Key to Your Success in These Areas

 Be ready to fully embrace a culture of performance and operations in your organization. Stay resilient, manage complex systems of both the technical and human varieties. Future-proof the health of your organization with the right skills from Velocity's Culture track.

Velocity Europe takes place this year from the 17th to the 19th of November in Barcelona. For 20% off your two-day event pass, use the code TUTS20 when you register.

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