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35 Social Media Plugins To Increase Traffic on WordPress

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Looking for a shiny new Facebook, Twitter, or social media plugin to boost the traffic on your WordPress blog? If you have been to any technology conferences in the last few years you will know that social media is one of the biggest buzz words you can get. Getting people to find your website and then pass it onto their friends is a dream come true. Today we look at 35 of the best social media plugins and widgets for your blog.

Multi-Social Plugins:


With over 1.1 million downloads it is safe to say the sexy bookmarks is pretty popular. It features all of the top social media website, and many of you will have never even heard of it.

You can choose which social media button you wish to show in the admin panel.

Light Social WordPress Plugins

Now over 2 years old but is still one of the best lightweight social media plugins out there.

Digg Digg

Digg Digg is one of the most feature packed social media plugins you will find. It main feature is the way it integrates with your design, you can have it just sit on your page or float and scroll with your mouse.

After installation many users have noticed a substantial push in their social media sharing.


BuddyPress is a powerful tool for social media, it allows users to register on your site and start creating profiles, posting messages, making connections, creating and interacting in groups and much more.

BuddyPress offers plugins inside of the plugins With over 300+ add-ons you don't really need anything else.

Social Drop Down (alternative link)

Provides the social bookmaking sites in a drop down to save you space and keep your designs minimal.

I Love Social Bookmaking Plugins

A clutter free social bookmaking plugins that like the last plugins also uses a drop down menu to save you space.

Bookmark Me

Bookmark Me is different to other social media plugins as it supports non-English bookmarks as well as English. It currently supports Russian, Arabian, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Slovak, Netherlands and Swedish sites.


Keep a complete history of all your activities on Facebook, Digg and Twitter.

Social Media Slider

Rotates social media icons for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and RSS in any widget.

Drag-To-Share Extended

Drag and drop the content you wish to share on anyone of your favorite social media sites.


Facebook Plugins:


Facebook Fan Box

There are many Facebook WordPress plugins but the most common one has to be the Facebook Fan Box. Displaying a couple of the last people to "like" the site as well as a big like button it's simple design stands out.

There are actually a fair few different plugins that provide like boxes. Here are few alternatives Facebook social plugins, Facebook Like Box, and FB Like Box

Facebook Share (New) Button

The Facebook share button simply adds a button which allows you to share post and also shows the number of times the post or page has been shared.

Facebook Dashboard Widget

Adds a widget onto your dashboard so you can check your status updates without having to flick back to Facebook every few seconds.



Allow users to login to your site and publish comments using their Facebook login rather than having to sign up for yet another account. However it does require a Facebook API Key to install (although just follow the instructions and it will help you get this).

Live Stream

The Live Stream plugins lets users visiting your site or application share activity and comments in real time. Great for communications when running a real-time event such as a massive multi player game.

Google +1 Plugins:


WordPress Google +1 Button

Keep up with the fast moving times and add a Google +1 button on your web page. The rating result is very important as the more +1's your website receives the higher Google rates your website.

Twitter Plugins:

WP to Twitter

Posts a Twitter update when you update your WordPress blog or post to your blog roll, using your chosen URL shortening service.It truly is a great time saver!


Twitter is big. Too big to ignore if you're a blogger. It's a great way to connect with your readers, and promote your blog a bit. Tweetable is intended to help integrate Twitter into your blog. It can automatically tweet links to your blog posts as they are published. It can display your lastest tweet in your sidebar and add a tweetmeme widget after your posts. You can even use it to share a Twitter account among a blog's author's if you wish.

Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools is a plugins that creates a complete integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account.

It has a number of impressive features but ones that stand out include being able to post tweets from your sidebar and creating weekly digest posts of your tweets.

Topsy Retweet Button

Provides a Twitter retweet button for your posts that shows all tweets, enables retweeting, and adds tweets as comments. An alternative would be Tweetmeme.

Twitter Friendly Links

Why use bitly or tinyURL when you can use your own domain? Use this to shorten your links instead.

Twitter Fans

The same design and idea as the Facebook like box. This grabs all the details such as the number of followers, their pictures and of course a nice big follow me button. It's also very easy to use, just drag into your widgets and add your username!

Twitter Feed

A very stylish twitter panel that stretches down the side of your page. The information is cached locally and minimizes the chance of performance loss on web pages.

Twitter Widget Pro

Handles all of the feeds including usernames, # and links. It doesn't have the same glossy look as some of the others but the features make it a good choice.

StumbleUpon Plugins:

StumbleUpon WordPress Plugins

The StumbleUpon WordPress plugins does everything, it shows how popular all your links are as well as providing an active bookmark button.

StumbleUpon Buttons

If you prefer to add a button manually then the official website offers the HTML code for the design you would prefer.

LinkedIn Plugins:

The WordPress App for LinkedIn

The WordPress App for LinkedIn helps you share ideas and updates with your LinkedIn network, keeping your trusted contacts in the loop, effortlessly.

GD LinkedIn Badge

This widget displays badge with a link to a LinkedIn profile page.

LinkedIn Share Button

Adds a button to each of your pages allowing visitors to share your content easily.

RSS Management Plugins

RSS Footer

Add a line to the beginning or end of all your articles in your feeds. Such as a link back to your website or a copyright notice.


Records the length of time and amount of people who view your feed. You can view all the stats straight from your dashboard.

RSS Link Tagger for Google Analytics

This adds a tag to your RSS feed that is read by Google Analytics to track the number of people who visit from your RSS feeds.

Feed Wrangler

Creates a custom file in your blog theme to structure your RSS feeds.


Smart YouTube

Allows you to insert YouTube videos easily with all the comments and feeds. It gives you a greater amount of control than the standard embedding.

Genki YouTube Comments

This transfers your comments over from your YouTube page. It automatically updates when there are new posts on your video.

WP YouTube

A YouTube video management system. Format your videos how need them for your website.

Other great YouTube plugins include Google YouTube Video Bar, YouTube Brackets and youtube widget.

Well Thanks For Reading!

I hope that some of these plugins and widgets come in handy and improve the traffic going to your website's.

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