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2009 .NET Awards - Please Vote For Us!

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Envato is honored to have been nominated in three different categories for the 2009 .NET Awards: "blog of the year," "vodcast of the year," and "podcast of the year!" In the 1.5 years since Nettuts+ launched, we've strived to bring you the best web development tutorials available. If you've found them to be helpful, would you mind taking a moment to vote for us? I did so myself, and finished in about twenty seconds.

Remember: you don't have to vote for every category. If you'd prefer, you can simply vote in one category (or 3) and press "Submit." I won't lie. For my own vanity, I'd love to win in the "Best Vodcast" category. If you benefited from the "CodeIgniter From Scratch", "jQuery For Absolute Beginners", and "Diving into PHP" video series' (or any other video tut of ours), please show your thanks with a quick vote. I'd appreciate it very much.

We're nominated for "Vodcast of the Year," "Blog of the Year (TUTSPLUS)", and "Podcast of the Year (FreelanceSwitch)." Thanks in advance, everyone - and a big thank you goes out to .NET magazine.

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