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17 Ways to Make Your Mobile App Beautiful With Envato Elements


If you are a mobile app developer or interested in getting into designing apps and you haven’t heard of Envato Elements, this post is for you.

Launched just last year, Envato Elements allows you to download unlimited digital assets for a single affordable monthly fee.

With hundred of thousands of beautiful, professionally designed items to choose from, this is a bonanza for all app designers, developers and anyone looking for digital assets to use in their projects, particularly as all downloaded items are covered by a single licence that gives you broad commercial rights when using the items you download.

With so many outstanding resources to choose from at Envato Elements, we thought we’d narrow the field for you a little and get you started with 17 wonderful assets to make your mobile apps shine.


1. Mobile Wireframe Kit

Mobile Wireframe Kit

Compatible with Sketch and Illustrator, the Mobile Wireframe Kit features over 90 ready-to-use screens which will give you plenty of flexibility in creating the mobile app of your dreams. The kit has hundreds of symbols and elements which are well labelled and grouped in categories to make them easy to find. Best of all, it uses a drag and drop system so you can build your design blueprint quickly and intuitively.

2. Wirey Mobile Wireframe Kit

Wirey Mobile Wireframe Kit

Wirey Mobile Wireframe Kit is another great option for wireframing your mobile app. With over 200 ready-to-use mobile screens, a thousand elements and an easy-to-use drag and drop system, users can create any number of highly complex projects. All files are compatible with Photoshop and Sketch file formats.  

Mobile UI Kits

3. Dashboard UI Kit

Dashboard UI Kit

Every great mobile app needs an equally great dashboard, and Dashboard UI Kit delivers a wide range of screens so that designers can create a range of dashboards from the very simple to the highly complex. The kit has been designed with Sketch and includes a style guide to help you maintain consistency in design. Another great feature of the kit is that every screen is available for both desktop and mobile.

4. SignUp / Login Mobile Form UI Kit  

SignUp  Login - Mobile Form UI Kit

SignUp / Login Mobile Form UI Kit is a mobile form kit that provides designers and developers with 40 gorgeous sign-in and sign-up forms for their mobile apps. Each form is highly customisable so that users can change elements like colours and fonts to match the required style. The forms are constructed using vector shapes so that users can easily resize them.

5. Mountify Mobile UI Kit

Mountify Mobile UI Kit

Mountify Mobile UI Kit contains 150 elegant and modern readymade screens for a variety of categories including sign-ins, sign-ups, profiles, shopping carts, and so much more. The great thing about Mountify is that all the elements used to create each screen are created using scalable vector shapes which can be swapped and recombined with elements in other screens to suit your tastes and needs without compromising quality.


6. Sovereign Typeface

Sovereign Typeface

Need a strong, clean font that makes a statement? Sovereign Typeface may be just what you’re looking for. An ideal font for titles and headers, this big, bold font will certainly command attention in places where you need it.

7. Burford Pro

Burford Pro

The Burford Pro font package is a collection of 18 complementary fonts that can be used separately or layered on top each other to create interesting and unique effects. The package also includes extras like banners, borders, corners, arrows, line breaks, catchwords, anchors and other such items you can use to add visual interest or weight to chosen areas.

8. Shoreline


Shoreline is a serif font with a textured surface and a bit of a vintage feel. It comes in regular and bold and is probably best used in places where you want to create visual emphasis.


9. 527 Useful Flat Icons

527 Useful Flat Icons

With everything from cameras, globes, and music notes to play buttons, currency signs and much more, 527 Useful Flat Icons will leave you wondering how you ever did without it.  These icons are available in png file format for easy use, as well as ai and eps file formats so that you can change their colour and size to suit your needs.

10. 32 Browser Interface Icons

 32 Browser Interface Icons

The icons in 32 Browser Interface Icons are the kind that every designer should have in their arsenal. This collection covers all the basics like home, favourites, zoom, downloads, refresh, forward and backwards arrow, and more. They come in their original vector format so that you can change and customise them as you wish, as well as in png, svg, and psd file formats.

11. White Multipurpose Icons

White Multipurpose Icons

White Multipurpose Icons is a collection designed to stand out against backgrounds that use colour, complex patterns, or images. The collection brings together the most popular icons found on the web today, like social media icons, shopping cart and magnifying glass icons.


12. Royalty-Free Stock Photographs

Envato Elements Stock Photographs

Photographs are an important part of branding because they can be manipulated to communicate a wide range of ideas or emotions. A well-chosen photograph can therefore make a huge difference to the success of your project. With your Elements subscription, you can now take advantage of the hundreds of thousands of new royalty-free stock photos available at Envato Elements and take your project to a whole new level.

13. Polygon Abstract Backgrounds

Polygon Abstract Backgrounds

A clean, plain background may be the best option for most of your app screens, but when you’re looking for a bold and interesting background to set your app apart and catch the viewer’s eye, the stunning Polygon Abstract Backgrounds is a perfect choice.

14. Simple Line Geometric Patterns

Simple Line Geometric Patterns

Simple Line Geometric Patterns will add a clean, modern look to your mobile app. The patterns come as vector files and therefore are easy to customise. With 40 different designs to choose from and combine as you like, you’re sure to create an app that stands apart from the pack.

15. Chromasect 02

Chromasect 02

Chromasect 02 certainly has a funky vibe that might not appeal to every taste, but when used sparingly and strategically, it’s guaranteed to add a touch of cool to your mobile app.  The pack contains ten unique patterns and comes both in the original vector file and jpg files.


16. 30 Modern Marks & Symbols

30 Modern Marks  Symbols

Finding the right logo can sometimes be the hardest step in building a product. 30 Modern Marks & Symbols is designed to make your search that much easier. This selection of 30 logos is made up of editable vector objects, which means that you can customise them as you like to add your own unique touch and make them truly yours.

17. 50 Premade Watercolor Logos

50 Premade Watercolor Logos

50 Premade Watercolor Logos is perfect for those projects that convey an air of whimsy or femininity. The logos have a lovely handmade quality to them and are created in a layered psd file with links to the font files used so you can easily personalise your selected logo.


So there you have it: 17 digital assets that will help you create beautiful and unique mobile apps. And the good part is that instead of having to buy 17 separate items and breaking the bank, you can now get all 17 items with one affordable monthly subscription at Envato Elements.  

Better yet, if none of the items I’ve shared with you here catch your fancy, there are thousands more to choose from at Envato Elements, and you can download as many as you like for one low monthly price. Now that’s what I call a great deal!

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