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14 Kick Ass Unity-Ready Files From the Envato Marketplaces


There are some fantastic files on ActiveDen, AudioJungle and 3DOcean, all suitable for your next Unity project. Check them out!

I'm going to be perfectly clear about this (Collis will tell you why!) This is a promotional Marketplace roundup; its purpose is to build awareness of the awesome files we have on offer. Posting these roundups helps us keep the business wheels turning and allows the community to continue learning and earning with Envato!

1: Last Stand Unity Survival Shooter

Author: majd_abdul
Marketplace: ActiveDen
Category: Game Starter Kits

Last Stand Unity Survival Shooter

You are stranded on a space platform overwhelmed by aliens. Fight wave after wave of enemies, using Bullets, Rockets, and Lasers. Keep moving to avoid being hit and pick up ammo and repair kits from fallen enemies.

2: Active Jump! Game Starter Kit

Author: psychicparrot
Marketplace: ActiveDen
Category: Game Starter Kits

Active Jump! Game Starter Kit

Use the mouse to move the character left or right in this exciting and fun game starter kit. ActiveJump! Is a Unity3d game featuring a main character jumping as high into the sky as possible via platforms. The pack includes everything you need except for sounds and graphics.

3: HiSys - Game Object Highlighting System

Author: JulianGlenn
Marketplace: ActiveDen
Category: Scripts

HiSys - Game Object Highlighting System

HiSys allows you to easily add glows, particle effects, sound effects, custom cursors, colored highlights and swappable materials to any collidable game object without having to write a single line of code. HiSys is ideal for hidden object and adventure guest style games.

4: Kill Red

Author: temo_koki
Marketplace: ActiveDen
Category: Game Starter Kits

Kill Red

This is physics based logic game. You must drop down the red cube and save the green cube . You can remove other objects.

5: Mini Putt Starter Kit!

Author: Aiursrage2k
Marketplace: ActiveDen
Category: Game Starter Kits

Mini Putt Starter Kit!

Get a head start with the mini putt starter kit. Includes: 36 pieces which will easily allow you to create any number of holes, or use it as a template to set up your own.

6: AdvancedRagdoll

Author: TheBren
Marketplace: ActiveDen
Category: Scripts


AdvancedRagdoll is a C# script that synchs standard Unity 3 ragdolls with animated meshes, allowing seamless transitions, both when creating a ragdoll from an animated mesh, and when blending from a ragdoll back to an animated mesh.

7: WarPlanes

Author: majd_abdul
Marketplace: ActiveDen
Category: Game Starter Kits


WarPlanes is a WWII themed flight shooter with an Arcade gameplay style. Shoot incoming enemy Planes and Zeppelins. When shot you can slowly regain health by avoiding bullets.

8: Snow Prefab

Author: unluck
Marketplace: ActiveDen
Category: Particles & Effects

Snow Prefab

Snow material and particle system to add festive cheer within your Unity projects. Great if you live in Fargo..

9: Tank PACK: Model + Scripts

Author: AtomWorkGameStudio
Marketplace: ActiveDen
Category: Scripts \ Movement Scripts \ Vehicle Movement

Tank PACK: Model + Scripts

Tank Pack contains things needed for a game of tanks. This includes: - Prefab Panzer III tank. Just drag it to the scene and he is ready to use! - Customizable scripts to move the tank, turret, cannon, shoot. Create your own type of tank! - Animated wheels. - Engine Sound. Shooting Sound. - Also contains a view inside the tank. - mb model for Maya.

10: Unity3d Pirate Cannon Prefab

Author: dxc381
Marketplace: ActiveDen
Category: Objects

Unity3d Pirate Cannon Prefab

Easy-to-use prefab of a pirate era cannon. Just import the .unitypackage, drop it in your scene and you’re ready to go! You can set the cannons to loop or tell them to fire via script. Everything is customiziable, including the kickback, camera shake, and blast particles. There are even detailed instructions of how to use my scripts and particles on your own cannon.

11: 50 Hi -Tech Game FX Pack

Author: Dirtyflint
Marketplace: AudioJungle
Category: Buttons & Menus

50 Hi -Tech Game FX Pack

This is pack of 50 excellent Hi-Tech audio effects. If you need to add sound to your web-site, or game, or flash presentation, this package contains all necessary elements.

12: Machine Gun

Author: WTBaldoumas
Marketplace: AudioJungle
Category: Game Sounds

Machine Gun

A machine gun effect suitable for a war/battle scene in a film or videogame.

13: Lowpoly Wooden Wine Barrel

Author: jeremiah_bigley
Marketplace: 3DOcean
Category: 3D Models \ Buildings and Architecture \ Other

Lowpoly Wooden Wine Barrel

Next-gen lowpoly wooden waterlogged barrel. Barnacles are growing on the side of it; it would be perfect to throw into a pirate ship or a dock scene. Sitting at 1,107 Tris Comes with Diffuse, Normal, Specular, and Opacity. This set comes with the highpoly ZTool, and also the mid-poly base mesh I created it out of.

14: Toon Character

Author: Yojigraphics
Marketplace: 3DOcean
Category: 3D Models \ Fantasy and Fiction \ Characters

Toon Character

Full modeled lowpoly toon gangster character 3dmodel. UVmapped with colormap, specmap, and normalmap. Available in .blend, .obj, .fbx formats. Rigged in blender with a simple armature. Ready for render and animation!

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