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13 Great ThemeForest WordPress Themes That Put WordPress In a New Context

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A lot of the time we highlight great design in the roundups of WordPress themes because, as web designers, we can be very vain when it comes to our designs. However, there's a lot of great examples of fantastic functionality in the themes hosted by ThemeForest, from e-commerce to question-answer sites to classified ad distribution. We're going to look at some of these awesome examples today!

1. Score

Score is a WordPress theme aimed at gaming websites that are focused on reviews. The theme features a review system which allows you to create game reviews, complete with a bunch of meta data like developer, genre, release and rating. The reviewer can assign a score to the game, but the theme will also show a user rating generated on the page.

Score also comes with a bunch of other features including BuddyPress support and a commercial licence of the JW video player.

Score, and all it's amazing features, is available for $42 on ThemeForest.

2. Instant Q&A

Want to clone sites like Yahoo! Answers into your own circumstances? Instant Q&A does just that, providing a great question-answer solution for your WordPress-powered site.

Instant Q&A allows users to post and answer questions for most types of sites (the demo puts it into a travel discussion website), and includes a user system that allows participants to gain stars as they participate in the site by asking and answering questions.

Grab Instant Q&A for $37 on ThemeForest.

3. LeetPress

LeetPress is another gaming-oriented site for reviewers that i've personally had experience with. Like Score, LeetPress allows you to create review posts for games on a number of criteria. These are then presented in a nice container, alongside regular posts.

In addition to reviews, LeetPress also includes custom post types for videos and screenshots of games which are pretty nice to work with.

Leetpress is available for $37 on ThemeForest.

4. FoodPress

FoodPress is from the same creator as LeetPress, but this time it's very far from gaming. As you can likely guess from it's aptly-named title, FoodPress is a WordPress theme all around food and recipes. Instead of reviews, FoodPress has special recipe posts that allow you to define specifics such as ingredients to be used in your post.

FoodPress also includes custom widgets such as "About the Cook" that are presented alongside recipes.

The theme is available for $37 on ThemeForest.

5. Time for Food

Like FoodPress, Time for Food is a recipe-centric theme for WordPress that allows you to create recipe posts with information like ingredients, cooking time and serving number. Naturally, you also get the ability to categorise these into different types like chicken, chocolate or salad.

The WordPress version of Time for Food is available on ThemeForest for $27.

6. Sofa OpnPress

You'll see quite a few themes by user feeleep on this roundup, including this one, Sofa OpnPress.

Sofa OpnPress makes it incredibly easy to make a public publishing platform, where users can be required to pay a fee to post, or not, for sites like classified ads and business directories. Of course, you can use the theme for anything, but the key feature is public, front-end posting with or without fees.

Sofa OpnPress comes with a built-in deposits system, with integration into PayPal. It's available for just $37 on ThemeForest!

7. Delicious

Delicious is a WordPress theme oriented for a business website, specifically restaurants. There's quite a few neat little additions to regular blog posts in the theme, including menu listings with prices. These can be highlighted in the "food of the day" section.

Additionally, your site can list testimonials and reviews.

8. Sofa Stockphoto

Sofa Stockphoto is a e-commerce WordPress theme aimed around selling digital assets, such as stock photos, although any type of digital asset can be sold through this website.

Sofa Stockphoto is a marketplace theme, very much like Envato's own, whereby you can purchase items, have them show up in your account and then download them. Sofa Stockphoto also comes with a built-in deposit system, so you can transfer funds from PayPal to the website to be used to purchase items.

9. Sofa QandA

From the same author as Sofa Stockphoto comes Sofa QandA, a question-answer, knowledge base website similar to sites like Yahoo! Answers. Sofa QandA allows users to post questions, and answer other ones in turn.

Additionally, users can vote on questions and answers, and even bookmark posts internally. Users even build up a reputation through their use on the site.

All these features are to be had on ThemeForest for just $37.

10. Nine to Five

Nine to Five is a fantastic WordPress theme that can be used to power job boards. Nine to Five comes powering a front-end posting solution for users to add new jobs in a number of currencies, which can be paid through PayPal if you fancy profiting from your site. Users can also upload resumes so employers can easily receive applications via email.

Nine to Five makes a great way to launch your own jobs board. You can grab it for $37 on ThemeForest.

11.Super Skeleton WP : Fully Responsive

SuperSkeleton is a fully responsive theme. Try resizing your browser when you view the demo... This is the original basis for his other theme on this list, Reaction, and both seem to compliment each other nicely as they target slightly different layout paradigms.

You can grab the theme for $35 at ThemeForest.

Responsive WordPress Theme

12. Sofa SuppaStore

There's a lot of e-commerce themes out there and Sofa SuppaStore is a fantastic example of one. Sofa SuppaStore has most of the qualities of a regular e-commerce site, complete with product listings and a baske. However, it also boasts some really awesome features such as inventory numbers so your product listings can show how many are available, coupon codes for discounts and the ability to set prices dependent on country.

Sofa SuppaStore is one of my personal favourite e-commerce WordPress themes and i'm glad this roundup's introduced me to it. I might buy it myself to have a play about with!

You too can grab it for just $37 on ThemeForest.

13. WordPress Wiki Theme

We've covered recipe blogs, e-commerce systems and gaming review themes so far, so let's end on one context we're yet to visit: knowledge base wikis.

The WordPress Wiki Theme is a WordPress theme that extends your blog with a FAQ system. There you can post knowledge base entries with varying priorities to offer support to your visitors.

You can have this ThemeForest-featured WordPress Wiki Theme for $32 on ThemeForest.

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