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10 More Awesome Web Development Screencasts and Presentations

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Last year, around this time, we posted an enlightening list of twenty web development video screencasts from around the web. Today, the same tradition continues, a bit expanded with some presentations from the web world.

1. Infinite Carousel

Remy Sharp from jQuery for Designers teaches you how to make an infinite sliding carousel, much like the one that used to be featured on Apple's website.

The tutorial itself is forty minutes long, but is also available in article form on the website.

2. Choosing the Right CSS Framework

SitePoint CTO, Kevin Yank, presented this talk at Web Directions South 2009 in Sydney, Australia. In this session, the landscape of CSS frameworks was surveyed.

There are a number of different approaches, and some are better than others. Choose the right framework and youíll save yourself a lot of work. Choose the wrong one, and youíll find your projects weighed down by restrictive assumptions and masses of code that you don't understand. When it comes to CSS frameworks, making the right choice is everything. By the end of this session, you might just decide that the right framework for you is no framework at all.

3. Styling an Individual article in WordPress

As many of you might know, the "individual article style" movement is becoming more and more popular these days in the blogosphere. Starting with an excellent designer and primarily influenced by print design, this is one of the most exciting features to be widely deployed in blogs.

In the screencast, Chris Coyier from CSS Tricks, discusses how to replicate a similar art style in WordPress and takes you through the process of making one of his styled blog posts.

4. Six Things Every jQuery Developer Must Know

Elijah Manor, a developer for Sommet Group, shares some great tips for jQuery developers in this hour-long video presentation you should definitely check out.

Note: Although all the facts from the presentation are well explained, you should still have at least a basic understanding of jQuery and JavaScript before watching. We recommend learning from ThemeForest's jQuery basics screencast series.

5. Why ExpressionEngine is Great for Designers

As said before, Jason Santa Maria is one of the original movers of implementing some elements from print design to the web. What many don't know is that his own site is actually developed around ExpressionEngine, an excellent CMS.

Jonathan's presentation provides great examples of some sites and design companies that are using ExpressionEngine. He then provides an excellent walkthrough of all the features and power that the CMS has.

6. ASP.NET from Scratch

In case you missed it, Jeremy McPeak started an ASP.NET series here on Nettuts+ several months ago, teaching you how to code from an absolute zero.

So far we've covered the installation, making a simple contact form, some C# basics, SQL server and master pages, but you can expect more tutorials coming in the future; so stay tuned!

7. 18-part WordPress Series

The former Themeforest blog still has some great stuff on it. One of them is this eighteen-part tutorial series on how to build a complete WordPress site.

This is a must-watch for every beginning WordPress developer, since everything from installation to slicing and coding a website is covered. (And even you, experienced developers, could use a reminder - right? :))

8. WordPress Security Tips

Along with a great article, Brad Williams provides a video presentation of some of the best WordPress tricks you can do to aid your on line security. Be sure to read thoroughly, because this might just be the best thing to happen to your WordPress installation in years!

9. The Future of HTML 5

Bruce Lawson gave this talk at FOWA London 2009 about the HTML 5 (originally called "Web Applications 1.0") specification and its implementation in modern browsers.

He claims that it is "a pimped-up version of HTML 4," and also shows you a couple of cool demos which embrace its power to the fullest.

10. How to Design a Portfolio Site

In this two-part series, designer Elliot Jay Stocks discusses the process involved around building his own portfolio, and also shares some useful tips on designing portfolios in general.

The first part is mostly oriented around design, while Elliot reviews the HTML, CSS and PHP (for WordPress) in the second part.

I hope you found this list helpful, since I tried to encorporate a bit of everything. Do you think any other videos deserve to be here? I'd love to talk with you in the comments.

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