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10 Hilarious Flash Animations to Brighten up Your Day


I'm a huge fan of animation, especially when it's mixed in with a good dose of humor. Check out the following examples of quality Flash animation, get inspired and laugh your pants off!

Just Eat It

If you're a parent, or you've ever been a child, you'll recognize this common scenario. Life In The Analog Age is a Flash-animated series/webcomic by Gabe Swarr all about the world that existed before the internet. Its bold visual style and flawless execution put it among my favorite Flash animation series.

I'll Get The Ice Creams

Another of my favorites, this is a great example of simplicity at work. Typical of Bird Box Studio's sketchy style, this short animation delivers top-notch slapstick timing and dead pan humor (you also have to check out the "Olives" cartoon on their site!)

Mister Rabbit

Perhaps not ROTF, but this will certainly bring a smile to your face. Produced by New Zealand-based Mukpuddy this cutesy film accompanies the track Mister Rabbit by children's recording artists Caspar Babypants.

Special Glue

Andy Sykes is an illustrator and animator from the North of England (like me). He often creates very stylized personal work about his own childhood and this animation is a great example. This particular film was one of several made with funding from Screen Yorkshire's Low Budget Lottery Award.

Andy's films fall under the category It's funny because it's true. Enjoy :)

Simon's Cat

I love Simon's Cat! These simple, speechless (?) animations are brilliantly uncomplicated and innocently amusing. I'm not even a cat-lover, so I can imagine that those of you with feline housemates will really appreciate the humor!

Their creator, Simon Tofield, is an illustrator and animator from the U.K. and works exclusively with Flash and a Wacom tablet to produce these films. The first film Cat Man Do, won best comedy in the 2008 British Animation Awards.

Dick Figures

Dick Figures is the brainchild of Zack Keller and Ed Skudder, writing and directing duo based at 6 Point Media in Los Angeles. Distributed by Mondo Media, you may recognize the genre as being similar to another cartoon of theirs, Happy Tree Friends.

In Keller and Skudder's own words, Dick Figures is about two dysfunctional friends, Red and Blue, [who] make up for what they lack in smarts and sex appeal with a really long string of bad decisions. This episode is classic Dick Figures humor (and contains relatively inoffensive language...)

Billy Potatoes

Billy Potatoes, Billy Potatoes, Billy Potatoes yeesssss. What can I say about Billy Potatoes? It's by Jonti Picking of weebls-stuff.com and it's called Billy Potatoes.

Animator vs. Animation 3 The Final Chapter

You've seen Alan Becker’s Animator vs. Animation series, right? His invincible little animated stick man achieved cult hero status and even netted a Webby award, destroying desktops and user interfaces worldwide.

Here's a trailer for the third and final part, but be sure to check out the full version in all its glory at atom.com!

Abo's Facebook Adventure

Abo and Karo, two Armenian brothers created by Hayk Manukyan in an amusing Flash-animated sit-com series. This episode features their experiences of Facebook..

Extinction of the Saber-toothed Housecat

What's the matter with me? Another cat animation? Anyway, this one amuses me so I thought it worth sharing. This promo piece for floatingpear.com was produced in its entirety by Damon Wong and Dee Boyd. It made use of a wealth of software; animated in Flash, composited in After Effects, edited in Premiere and Soundbooth with Amorphium Pro used to create the 3d asteroid.

More Animation Resources

If you want to keep track of what's hot in the animation world, you can't go wrong by checking out these sites..

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