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30 Photoshop Web Elements, Backgrounds and Icon Sets (via GraphicRiver)

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When you're designing or building a website, chances are you're going to need various little elements designed. I personally tend to reuse a lot of the same buttons, menus, icons and so on. Since we launched GraphicRiver earlier this year though we've seen a lot of cool little web graphics coming in, in the form of web elements, backgrounds and icons. So I've compiled 30 of the best to give you a flavour of what is available over there. Of course don't forget if you just need a complete PSD design template to build off you can grab those at ThemeForest!

10 Styles of Login/Signup

From the Author: These Login/Signup screen elements are designed in Adobe Photoshop CS4 , and to be used for your projects of web application and or website. You can modify or can change their colors according to your project theme. Each Login/Sign-up design is layered and categorized in layer groups. These are ten designs.

$4 - More Details & Preview

Stylish Menu For CSS Sprites

From the Author: This is a very Stylish menu including a fully layerd PSD file, it could be used for a CSS Sprite menu or whatever type of menu. Everything is adjustable in this psd, just open it with Photoshop and start editing, To change the colors just open the the layer of choice and just change the gradient inside the blending Options Panel.

$1 - More Details & Preview

Clean Web Navigation Menu

From the Author: Cool, clean and contemporary Web navigation menu using Arial font. I have used Arial because it is freely available across all operating systems, but you can change the to whatever you want! Menu comes in three flavors! File includes a fully layered Photoshop PSD version and a fully editable Fireworks vector PNG file!

$1 - More Details & Preview

4 Navigation Crumbs

From the Author: These navigation crumbs will be ideal for your next website mockup! They are highly customisable with all layers and styles intact. Just drag and drop them into your next design!

$1 - More Details & Preview

The Ultimate Web UI Kit

From the Author: Included is a comprehensive set of Web UI elements that are intended to help designers save time, money, & headaches when they are mocking up web pages. Having spent countless hours mocking up websites myself, I’ve learned that there are some elements that I re-use quite a bit to speed up the design process on non-creative elements. Specifically, I have broken out all of the standard web ui elements that web designers use on a regular basis & recreated them in separated layers that are ready for quick placement, restyling, & scaling.

$6 - More Details & Preview

Web Buttons (Pack of 12)

From the Author: A clean, contemporary collection of 12 buttons for Web sites. Files come in layered Photoshop PSD format and Fireworks PNG format with editable vectors! The font used in these buttons is Arial so all user across all systems can use these buttons out of the box! You can change the font, you can change colors, you can do anything you want because everything is editable!

$2 - More Details & Preview

Cool Silver Buttons!

From the Author: This package include cool customizable silver buttons with regular, hover and pressed state. Each button style and color can be changed easily for your next mockup or website!

$1 - More Details & Preview

Glossy Button Set

From the Author: More than 100 glossy buttons in all colors of the rainbow. The file contains layered buttons with all layer styles intact allowing you to easily tweak color and style.

$1 - More Details & Preview

Argon Navigation Set 1

From the Author: Clean, stylish and contemporary navigation set in Adobe Fireworks PNG editable vector format so you can resize and re-color all interface elements (excluding icons) to desired size.

$2 - More Details & Preview

Argon Navigation Set 2

From the Author: Clean, stylish and contemporary navigation set in Adobe Fireworks PNG editable vector format so you can resize and re-color all interface elements (excluding icons) to desired size.

$2 - More Details & Preview

Various Tooltips

From the Author: Use these 4 tooltips to highlight an important message for your form fields or web elements. These customisable designs allow you to easily modify the shape, color and style of each tooltip to suite your needs!

$2 - More Details & Preview

Web Lists

From the Author: You can use these lists to hold any content for your website! You can use them for links, user lists, checklists, etc… Swap out images with your own icons or thumbnails. All layers and styles are intact to make customising easy!

$2 - More Details & Preview

Modern Menus and Buttons

From the Author: These are buttons and menus in a clean and modern style. The menus and buttons come with the color for the hover-effect. You can easily change the size, edit the text and change colors to whatever you like.

$1 - More Details & Preview

Black Menu

From the Author: File includes a fully layered Photoshop PSD and a fully editable. Using Arial (Regular, Bold). Menu’s width 970px. which elements has shape if you want change menu it’s very easy. All buttons includes hover.

$2 - More Details & Preview

Fiber carbon pattern background texture

From the Author: Fiber carbon pattern background texture. This PSD file Includes pack of 10 EXCLUSIVE fiber carbon pattern. Great for black dark web and graphic design. Each texture is 1600px X 1200px.

$5 - More Details & Preview

Clean Web 2.0 Backgrounds & Background Maker

From the Author: 11 ready to use clean web 2.0 styled backgrounds. Many colors to choose from. Don’t have the color you want? Included is a background_maker.psd which has everything ready for you to simply change colors and create a new clean web 2.0 background.

$2 - More Details & Preview

Web Large Background Pack

From the Author: 6 different backgrounds. 6 full layered Photoshop files. Dimensions: 3508×2638 px. Very easy to add/change more background colors or customize other backgrounds

$6 - More Details & Preview

Web Headers Flower Pack

From the Author: A collection of three Web headers perfect for Web sites and blogs. All headers measure 1002×224 pixels. The font used in these headers is Myriad Pro and all text is editable. All files are layered in Photoshop. All files also available in fully-editable vector PNG format for Fireworks. All photography is high quality taken with a digital SLR camera.

$2 - More Details & Preview

Web Headers Software Pack

From the Author: This is a pack of four Web headers perfect for software and computer Web sites. All files are in fully editable vector Adobe Fireworks PNG format.

$3 - More Details & Preview

Ultra-Modern Web 3.0 Global Navigation

From the Author: Super clean and Ultra-modern Web 3.0 (yes, 3 point 0) Stylish Global Navigation Buttons. Completely customizable and created with photoshop shapes and styles.

$2 - More Details & Preview

Matte Motes Emoticon Set

From the Author: Matte Motes is a set of 50 cleanly, custom styled, 16×16 pixel emoticons. Included is a layered .psd that enables you to easily create your own custom emoticons. There is literally 100’s of possibilities between all the different elements provided for you to create completely unique emoticons. Everything is changeable.

$6 - More Details & Preview

Anodized UI Elements

From the Author: Set of 33 UI icon buttons in vector .AI and .EPS format. Each button includes 4 styles: Standard, Highlighted / Selected, Depressed, Depressed Highlighted / Selected

$8 - More Details & Preview

Circlicity - Circular icons

From the Author: Circlicity is a fresh circular icon set, made of 34 different icons, available in 9 base colours, but there is a possibility that anyone changes the colour to make an unique icon. This icon set will perfectly fit any projects, from websites, online services, to softwares, or prints.

$12 - More Details & Preview

Function Premium Icon Set

From the Author: In this set we’ve included 148 premium icons which includes all the ideal icons for your websites or applications. We’ve come a long way since our first icon set, and we hope you appreciate the fresher and cleaner look of the new icon set.

$12 - More Details & Preview

RSS Feed Icons

From the Author: Custom Made RSS Feed Icons usefull for Web 2.0 Style websites and other. Editable Layered Files

$4 - More Details & Preview

dippycap ICQ icon set

From the Author: Set of 16 icons sized 16×16 px, everything layered, easy to use and change. Originally designed as a unreleased skin for ICQ , but can be used anywhere else. Minimalistic look.

$6 - More Details & Preview

Web 2.0 Background Pack

From the Author: You can use this for website background or print big wallpapers with Your logo for Your office or use it like an design element anywhere you need. 8 different backgrounds. 8 full layered Photoshop files. Very easy add/change colors.

$2 - More Details & Preview

Button and navibar Set

From the Author: This is a set of a variety of bold nice looking navigationbars and buttons. The PSD -file is layerd making it easy for you to change the text on the graphics and to transform them into the size you wish!

$2 - More Details & Preview


From the Author: My newest, and most favorite interface sets that I just finished!

$6 - More Details & Preview

White FLV Player

From the Author: Fully layered Photoshop PSD. All layers created as shape layer. If you want change player size, it is very easy to customizable. Current video size 480×360.

$1 - More Details & Preview

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