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2nd Android Book Giveaway Winners Announced

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The results from our recent Android book giveaway are in! Read on to see who won a copy of Android Wireless Application Development.

What We Gave Away:

Android Wireless Application Development

Five copies of Android Wireless Application Development (2nd Edition), authored by our very own Android contributors Shane Conder and Lauren Darcey.

Giveaway Winners

Michael Bridak

Michael BridakMichael BridakMichael Bridak

Thank you very much for your wonderful Tuts family of sites. I'm making an iOS app, but now I might as well make it cross-platform! Thanks for the opportunity and the 'Well of Knowledge' that you provide. 

Lucho Suarez

Lucho SuarezLucho SuarezLucho Suarez

"Thank you very much for this! I'm 100% sure I will love this book, as it will help me to finally start developing some ideas I have into Android Apps."

Devang Gandhi

Devang GandhiDevang GandhiDevang Gandhi

Thanks a lot for the book. I am working on my Master's project, where I am developing a mobile Android app. In such case, the book will be of great help and resource.

Jerome Heuze

Jerome Heuze

I always wanted to learn more about Android programming. I am planning to develop mobile EDU apps. Thank you Mobiletuts+ :)

Matt Hall

Matt Hall

Thank you! I'm excited and hope that this book can help me get going with Android.

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