WordPress 101 Video Training Part 1: The Dashboard


Best of Wptuts 2011: Every week through January, we're going to revisit some of our favorite posts and series from 2011. The WP101 series by Shawn Hesketh was a landmark... not because it broke new ground for the advanced users in the community, but because it essentially formed a free training series that you can hand over to your clients to show them the ropes of using WP! Don't have the time to show a particular client how to use a particular feature? No problem, this series has you covered!

Welcome to the WPtuts+ WordPress 101 tutorial series! This video will walk you through the use of the WordPress Admin Panel, aka, The Dashboard. This is a great video for those just getting started with WordPress, and can also be helpful for advanced users that want to offer some help to their clients. Join us and begin effectively managing your sites' content today. This is Part 1 of our in depth WordPress training series provided in partnership with WP101.

Part 1: The Dashboard

In this video we are going to take a look at the WordPress Administration Panel, which provides all of the functions and features of your WordPress powered website. Enjoy.


About the WP101 Series...

Just about anyone working with WP, from rookies to seasoned veterans should find some serious value here...

This is an exclusive series that we're assembling in collaboration with the super talented Shawn Hesketh and It's part of our "Basix" series for anyone brand new to the platform, but just about anyone working with WP, from rookies to seasoned veterans should find some serious value here:

  • Experienced designers, developers, and agencies can send your clients to this series for basic training.
  • Theme and Plugin developers can include links to these videos in your own documentation.
  • Anyone brand new to WordPress can check out these videos before starting the rest of our "Basix" tutorials.

We'll eventually have just about 20 posts in all, which means that when we're done, you'll have a great place to send clients or review all of the basic bits and pieces of WordPress. We'll likely be releasing two of these each weekend to help spread them out a bit, so check back each weekend for the next segment!

The Rest of the Series...

We'll be updating these videos with each major release of WordPress so the videos don't go stale when you're trying to teach (or learn!) any of the brand new features. Here's the lineup on deck for the next two months:

Can't wait for the rest of the series? You can grab the entire set directly from (there's a variety of licensing options). For everyone else, we hope you'll join us each weekend.

Oh, and if you're excited about this new resource, be sure to give Shawn a shout in the comments section. He's worked super hard to provide this excellent resource to the community!