Venturing into Vim: New Premium Video Series


Some say it's a decade-old piece of junk; others widely consider it to be the best code editor available. I'm on a quest to find out for myself. So, for four weeks (and four screencasts to track my progress), I will use nothing but Vim.

Along the way, if you choose to join me, I'll share what I've learned, what frustrated me, and everything that falls in between. If you've been hoping to venture into Vim territory, there's no better time to do so! Let's do it together. Gain access to this screencast series, as well as many others by becoming a Premium member.

Week 1

In this first episode, we:

  • Discuss what Vim is / where it came from
  • Learn how to install it / MacVim for Mac users
  • Review basic keys
  • Discuss why a language is a better tool for code editing. What are the benefits
  • Create multiple windows with ease
  • Quickly connect to an FTP site to edit files on our server in a matter of seconds
  • And more...

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