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Pass Values to a SWF with JavaScript and SWFObject


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SWFObject provides a simple way to pass values to a SWF using only JavaScript: no server-side code required! In this tutorial, we'll build a fundraiser meter that can easily be updated with the amount donated so far, without needing to recompile the SWF.

Final Result Preview

View the source of the demo and you'll see that the target and current donation amounts are defined in JavaScript.

Section 1: What's SWFObject? Why Use It?

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Section 2: Set Up the Fundraiser SWF and Get to Grips with SWFObject

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Section 3: Additional Functionality and Polish

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Non-IDE: Relevant Code in Plain Text

If you're not using the Flash IDE, here's the relevant code in copy-and-pastable plain text:

if (root.loaderInfo.parameters["goal"] != null)
	goal = Number(root.loaderInfo.parameters["goal"]);
	actual= Number(root.loaderInfo.parameters["actual"]);
	// if can't access values in page
	goal = 100;
	actual = 50

The tutorial videos explain how to hook these up to a JavaScript object in the page.