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Mixing Metaphors - Swipe Conference


In this featured session from Swipe Conference 2011, Cathy Shive explores the history, meaning, and use of metaphor and realism in software design.

Key Slides & Quotes:

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Full Slides

Cathy Shive has released a PDF file containing all of the slides from her presentation available online.

Swipe Conference 2012

Swipe Conference 2012 is just around the corner. For more detail, visit the official web site or go straight to the registration page to sign up.

Swipe 2012

Swipe is the Australian conference for people who create iOS and Mac apps. Over two days attendees will hear from some of the brightest minds in our industry on topics ranging from latest trends in user experience design to better ways to code. Case studies will unearth the secrets of some of Australia's best known apps and you will get to mingle with designers and developers alike.

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