How to Query Web Services with a Build Script


Do you hate that your favorite web service can't be used in your build scripts? Well, are you sure that's the case? I'll show you how to use a popular tool, Phing - which is essentially a port of the popular Apache Ant for PHP - to query the Nettuts+ Prefixr API in today's quick tip.

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Final Sample Phing Project

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<project name="demo" default="prefixr">
	<property name="css.path" value="css/style.css" />
	<target name="prefixr">
		<echo msg="Updating your stylesheet" />
		<loadfile property="css.min" file="${css.path}" />
		<exec command="curl -sSd css='${css.min}' > ${css.path}" />



The more I use Phing, the more I realize just how powerful it is. While many prefer Apache Ant for its portability, with Phing, I can use my existing PHP knowledge to create any new tasks or filters that I require. That's incredibly powerful and convenient. What's your build tool of choice?