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How to Display Justin Bieber Tweets with Asynchronous Recursion


Bottom line: Justin Bieber = traffic. I fully intend to use this to my advantage, and none of you can do anything about it. The purpose of today's video tutorial is to demonstrate how to use a scary set of words, "asynchronous recursion" to continuously display updated tweets about the great Biebster. And then finally, we'll hijack these tweets to make them look as if they're referring to Nettuts+ instead.

The Full Source

<!DOCTYPE html>

<html lang="en">
	<meta charset="utf-8">
	<title>The Biebster</title>

	<h2> Latest Biebster Tweets </h2>
	<ul id="tweets"> </ul>

	<script src=""></script>


	(function() {
		var UpdatePanel = {
			init : function(options) {
				this.options = $.extend({
					interval : 5000,
					number : 3,
					hijackTweet : false
				}, options);

			updater : function() {
				(function updateBox() {
					this.timer = setTimeout(function() {
					}, UpdatePanel.options.interval);

				// get the ball rolling

				function updateIt() {
						type : 'GET',
						url : UpdatePanel.options.url,
						dataType : 'jsonp',

						error : function() {},

						success : function(results) {
							var theTweets = '',
								 elem = UpdatePanel.options.elem.empty();

							$.each(results.results, function(index, tweet) {
								if ( UpdatePanel.options.hijackTweet ) {
									tweet.text = tweet.text.replace(/(Justin )?Bieber/ig, 'Nettuts'); 

								if ( index === UpdatePanel.options.number ) {
									return false;
								else {
									theTweets += '<li>' + tweet.text + '</li>';

			clearUpdater : function() {
		window.UpdatePanel = UpdatePanel;

		interval : 5000,
		number : 5,
		url : "",
		elem : $('#tweets'),
		hijackTweet : true




Thanks for watching; I hope you enjoyed it! Stay tuned to Nettuts+ for more news and gossip on Justin Bieber!

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