CSS: Noob to Ninja - The Complete Video Series


This exclusive premium video series will take you from a state of absolute CSS “noobness,” all the way up to ninja-status, capable of taking advantage of the latest CSS3 techniques. The series begins with the basics: the syntax, properties, etc. However, each new video expands upon the previous, as you work your way up and improve your skills. In this final week, you'll complete the series, as you gain access to Parts 8-12: five new episodes.

In these final video tutorials, you'll learn about a variety of CSS3 techniques, how to use custom fonts, working with CSS frameworks, and how to extend CSS with applications like LESS. Don’t fall behind! Become a Premium member!

The Full Screencast Series: Exclusive to Premium Members

  • Part 1: Preparation
  • Part 2: CSS Properties
  • Part 3: Typography
  • Part 4: Floats
  • Part 5: Positioning
  • Part 6: Semantics, List Items, and Menus
  • Part 7: CSS Organizational Techniques
  • Part 8: Rounded Corners, Box Shadows, and Text Shadows
  • Part 9: CSS3 Gradients
  • Part 10: Custom Fonts with @font-face
  • Part 11: Taking Advantage of CSS Frameworks
  • Part 12: Extending CSS with LESS
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