Create a Simple Space Shooter Game in HTML5 With EaselJS: Tuts+ Premium


It's Premium time again! To kick off our Shoot-'Em-Up Session (and to follow up on last year's Flash and AS3 shooter tutorial), Carlos Yanez has written a tutorial that'll teach you how to create a simple space shooter game with HTML5 and the EaselJS library.

Premium Preview

Let's take a look at the final result we will be working towards:

Click to play the demo.

Last year, I showed you how to create a shoot-'em-up game with Flash and AS3. With HTML5's rise in popularity (and capabilities), let's take a look at how to do the same with HTML5, JavaScript, and EaselJS (a Flash-based library for HTML5 development).

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If you're not yet a Premium member, you can still read the first few steps of the tutorial.

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