Build a Stage3D Shoot-'Em-Up: Score, Health, Lives, HUD and Transitions - Tuts+ Premium


In this tutorial series (part free, part Premium) we’re creating a high-performance 2D shoot-em-up using Flash's new hardware-accelerated Stage3D rendering engine. In this Premium part, we’re adding gameplay elements such as health, score, and lives, the GUI elements to display them, and game logic transitions to deal with dying, game overs, level changes, and the final credits screen.

Premium Preview

Let's take a look at the result we will be working towards:

We can now boast a detailed game world filled with things that can actually destroy the player, plus all sorts of fancy GUI elements like the high score and a health meter to give it a true arcade feel. We give the player a lot more in-game feedback now, whether in the form of “LEVEL COMPLETE” messages, sparks flying from our ship when we are about to die, or a period of innulnerability after we get hit so we have a chance to recover before being bombarded by the next wave of deadly enemies. Our game is now quite challenging.

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