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It's time to wrap up our six-part tutorial series (part free, part Premium), in which we've created a high-performance 2D shoot-em-up using Flash's new hardware-accelerated Stage3D rendering engine. In this final Premium part, we'll add blazingly fast sprite rendering, sound and music, multiple detailed levels, numerous enemies to destroy, score, health, lives, particle systems, level transitions, full screen rendering, an NPC character, slow-mo, a preloader progress bar, and a boss battle.

Premium Preview

Let's take a look at the result we will be working towards:

In this, the last part, we are going to put the final layer of polish on our game:

  • We'll add boss battles, complete with a glowing health bar and bullets everywhere.
  • We implement full screen HD rendering at any screen resolution by using liquid layout.
  • Because our game is just over a meg in size, we'll implement a preloader progress bar.
  • Just for fun, we'll add NPC (non-player character) voiceovers to motivate players.
  • For dramatic effect, we'll implement slow motion time dilation.
  • We'll tweak the movement speed of the player, enemies and bullets.
  • We will add autofire to the game so players can concentrate solely upon movement.

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