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2 New Premium Tutorials: Refinery and Modernizr


This week, we have two excellent new Net Premium tutorials for our members. First, Glenn Goodrich will teach you how to work with Refinery - a Rails CMS. Next, I'll teach you how to detect CSS3 and HTML5 support in browsers, by using the wonderful Modernizr library. Help give back to Nettuts+ by signing up for a Premium membership.

A Video Crash-Course in Modernizr

It’s a common misconception that the JavaScript library, Modernizr, miraculously upgrades all browsers to allow for HTML5 and CSS3 support. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. However, instead, it detects support, which provides us with a lot of power! I’ll show you how to get started today!

No longer available: Getting Started with Refinery: A Rails CMS

From time to time we run an audit of Tuts+ Premium tutorials to make sure they are still as relevant and useful today as the time when they were publish. Unfortunately, this tutorial has dated to the point where it is no longer useful for members. For this reason, we have removed it from the Tuts+ Premium library. If you are looking for more Rails learning, rest assured we have a number of high quality tutorials available for you!

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NETTUTS+ Screencasts and Bonus Tutorials

For those unfamiliar, the family of TUTS sites runs a premium membership service. For $19 per month, you gain access to exclusive premium tutorials, screencasts, and freebies from Nettuts+, Psdtuts+, Aetuts+, Audiotuts+, and Vectortuts+! For the price of a pizza, you'll learn from some of the best minds in the business. Join today!

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