Code Learning Guides

Collections of posts that take you through a particular topic or project.
  • Intro python 1

    This is a new tutorial in the Python's refreshers series which explains the essential topics one needs to grasp to move forward in Python's learning journey.

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  • Opencart

    Although, OpenCart provides number of useful shipping methods in the core itself, there's always a chance that you'll need to create your own. On the other hand, being a web developer, you'll always try to explore the framework of your choice to see how to create your own custom stuff! In this series, we're going to create a custom shipping method module in OpenCart.

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  • Wordpress matrix

    It's a dreaded nightmare: One day you open up your website and see that you've been hacked. If you're running a simple personal blog, it might be just an annoying incident. If you're hosting a website of a client, your day might turn into a rough, stressful day. If you're running a high-selling e-commerce website, it might trigger a panic attack. You need a game plan to prevent the attacks before they happen.

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  • Preview image@2x

    Comprehensively introducing anything in sixty seconds is a tough challenge, but that’s exactly what we’re doing with this series! Each of these video tutorials introduces you to a subject, offering just enough explanation to whet your appetite and get you hooked.

    Grab a coffee and see how many of these you can watch during your break!

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  • Google fit@2x

    Google Fit is included in Google Play Services and allows developers to store fitness data for users in order to help users keep track of their exercise habits. All data stored through Google Fit is stored online and is accessible by the user from multiple devices. The user never has to worry about losing their information if they upgrade or change devices. In this series, I introduce you to Google Fit for Android and you learn what APIs are available for you to use.

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  • Cordova@2x

    In this short series, I'll introduce you to Cordova, a framework used for developing mobile applications. If you're new to Cordova or you want to know whether its the right tool for your next project, then you're in the right place. In this series, I'll explain what Cordova is, how it works under the hood, what you can build with Cordova, and how to get started with the framework.

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