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  1. Spritekit@2x

    SpriteKit From Scratch

    5 Posts
    In this series about SpriteKit, you will learn the basics to build fantastic games with Apple's excellent framework for creating 2D games. You will learn about views, scenes, and nodes, and you will work with SpriteKit's powerful physics engine.
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  2. Paypal thumb

    PayPal Integration

    3 Posts
    In this series, we'll explore how to leverage the PayPal developer API to incorporate PayPal purchase, subscribe, donate, and other buttons. We'll also walk through the REST API and Webhooks in an example ASP.NET MVC project.
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  3. Debugging@2x

    How to Adopt Model View Presenter on Android

    3 Posts
    In this series, we discuss and emphasize the importance of a well designed project and why Android's standard architecture isn't always sufficient. We explore a few potential problems you may run into while developing Android applications and how to address them by implementing the Model View Presenter (MVP) pattern.
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  4. Wordpress blue

    How to Work With WordPress Term Meta

    2 Posts
    In this two-part series, we're going to be taking a look at taxonomies, what they are, the role they play in WordPress, and their relationship to terms. After this, we're going to turn our attention to terms and how to work with the new term metadata API.
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