Code Learning Guides

Collections of posts that take you through a particular topic or project.
  • Preview pt 1

    In this two part tutorial series, we'll take a look at writing & debugging JavaScript code using modern tooling such as the Chrome DevTools.

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  • 50 filters of wordpress preview

    WordPress is an amazing platform and the most popular content management system in the world. The reason for this title is because of its extensibility. 

    In this series, we're going to learn about filters - one of the best ways we can extend WordPress.

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  • Preview a 2

    Getting started with the Twitter API may seem a bit complicated, but it’s actually quite straightforward. There are a number of libraries for common languages that make the process quite easy. Twitter’s API documentation has also improved greatly over time.

    This series consists of three parts. Part one will cover:

    • an introduction to the Twitter API
    • building a database schema for Twitter
    • building out a PHP application in the Yii Framework for working with Twitter
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  • Koa

    In this series, get started learning about generators in JavaScript and Koa.js, the spiritual successor to the Express.js framework. Next, ;earn how to make a dictionary API using Koa.js.

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  • Donation series image

    In this series, you'll learn how to write two WordPress plugins for accepting donations. One plugin will interface with PayPal, another will interface with Bitcoin.

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  • Getting started with woocommerce preview

    I this series of tutorials, I'll show you how to install and configure WooCommerce and add both physical and virtual products to it. In this first part you'll install the plugin and work with the general settings and those for products and taxes.

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