Code Learning Guides

Collections of posts that take you through a particular topic or project.
  • Opencart

    In this series, we're going to be taking a look at OpenCart developers who consider themselves beginners to can level-up their skills in order to become more advanced developers.

    Specifically, this guide is written for the developers who are already familiar with PHP, Object-Oriented Programming and the Model-View-Controller design pattern.

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  • Type coercion

    In this series, we're going to take a beginner's look at dynamic languages, how variables are defined, how their data types are inferred and are different from their statically counterparts, and how to avoid some of the major pitfalls that come with working with these languages.

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  • Wordpress media uploader

    Since the new Media Library is what’s the new standard in WordPress, and since there’s not a lot of documentation available for how to use it, we’re going to take a look at the functionality through this series in order to understand how the new Media Library is constructed, how we can implement it in our own work, and how we can take advantage of the various functionality that’s already included in WordPress core.

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  • Magento

    Are you a Magento beginner? Want to create theme of your own? If so, this series is written specifically for you. 

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  • 1

    In this three part series, we're going to be taking a look at WordPress global variables in order to gain a better understanding of them such that we can apply them to our day-to-day development.

    Throughout the series, we will be going through a set of hands-on exercises that demonstrate the power of the global variables to show and to tweak the inner workings of WordPress.

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  • Xy

    One of the things that makes WordPress so awesome is the willingness of members of the community to help others. 

    No matter where you seek out help, one of the hurdles to solving problems is asking for support about possible solutions, instead of asking about the underlying problem itself. 

    This is what we call an XY problem. 

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