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Code Learning Guides

Collections of posts that take you through a particular topic or project.
  • Customdbtables part1

    In this series we'll be looking at using custom database tables. We'll cover how to create, maintain and remove the table, as well as how to safely, and efficiently, add, remove and query data. In the first article we look at when custom tables might be appropriate, the pros and cons of using them and how to create the table.

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  • Creating customized comment emails understanding the api

    So in this two-part series, we're going to take a look at the API for customizing our comment moderation and comment notification emails.

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  • Creating an image based archive page

    Using images when displaying an archive listing in WordPress can be very powerful. It can increase the visual appeal of your archive pages and your site overall and it can help to illustrate what your site is all about.

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  • Plugin marketing guide 1

    Ok, so you fancy yourself as a hardcore WordPress developer who knows the most popular CMS in the world inside out; You can design and code a WordPress theme in a weekend; You crank out a WordPress plugin with the cleanest code possible. There's nothing you can't do with your godlike coding skills... but nobody is using your plugins or themes. "What gives?" Today we're kicking off a new series that examines just that: How to effectively market your plugins and themes.

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  • Type

    WordPress continually proves itself time time and again that it has very few limitations, and is rapidly pushing itself to being, if not the best, but certainly the most versatile CMS available. Out of the box it is certainly not perfect, but you can change it however you want. In this series, we will go over how to change the fonts of your theme using a plugin. You can use either Google Web Fonts our your own custom fonts.

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  • Beginning with wordpress

    Most guides for beginners focus on how to use WordPress, here we're focussing on how to get started when you want to customise WordPress. Right from the very beginning, including the difference between and, to your first theme customisations.

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