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  • Jquery android app preview2

    In this session, our main goal is to describe how jQuery Mobile can be used to develop a native Android application. First, we will develop a stand-alone, sample web application that will browse articles from Yahoo! News using jQuery Mobile. Then we will convert that web application into a native Android application with minimal effort.

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  • Corona sdk physics explosions

    Everyone loves a good physics game, but let’s face it: it’s much more fun when you’re blowing stuff up! This session will show you how to use the Corona physics engine to create explosions in your game.

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  • Sess preview

    During this large session of screencasts, Platform Evangelist Mike Taulty takes you through the fundamentals of Microsoft Silverlight 4.

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  • Ruby for newbies

    Ruby is a one of the most popular languages used on the web. This ongoing video session will introduce you to Ruby, as well as the great frameworks and tools that go along with Ruby development. If you're hoping to make the switch, now is the perfect time to get started!

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  • Java logo

    In this session, you’ll become familiar with Java, the programming language used to develop Android applications. Our goal is to prepare those already familiar with one programming language, such as PHP or Objective-C, to become comfortable working with the Java programming language and dive into Android app development. In this session, you’ll get a brief introduction to Java fundamentals, including object oriented programming, inheritance and more. If you’re new to Java, or just looking to brush up on the details, then this is the session for you!

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  • As3101preview
    AS3 101
    18 Posts

    Are you new to ActionScript? Have you previously built Flash projects with AS2 but have decided that it's time for a change? Are you an experienced developer looking to improve your skills or simply refresh your memory? The AS3 101 series is an ever-growing course of tutorials aimed at helping everyone with ActionScript 3.0 fundamentals.

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