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They say that the best way to learn is to mimic the people you envy. This session provides deep insight into the inner workings of some of our industry's most inspiring developers. What are their preferred tools? How do they make room for personal projects? What's a typical day look like?

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    Master Developers: Addy OsmaniAddy 400
    A bright star in the JavaScript community, Addy Osmani has skyrocketed to prominence not only for his fabulous JavaScript articles and open source contributions but for also being one of the friendliest and approachable developers around. His blog is a treasture trove of front-end knowledge and well-worth the visit. In this post, we'll chat with Addy about how he got his feet wet in JS and bring up some tough topics relating to his work in developer relations at Google.Read More…
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    Master Developers: John ResigJohn resig wide retina preview
    He brought us jQuery, the most widely used JavaScript library on the planet. Then he brought us Processing.js, a JavaScript port of the popular data visualization programming language. Now, John Resig is on a mission to revamp the way people learn programming as the Dean of Computer Science for Khan Academy. The man never stops (does he even sleep?) giving back to the community, and after being out of the public eye for some time, I caught up with him to find out what he's been up to.Read More…
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    Master Developers: Dave Methvin (jQuery Core Team Lead)Davemethvin1
    Most of us are familiar with the jQuery JavaScript library, and likely use it in at least some of our projects. But how much do we know about the people who tirelessly give their time to maintaining the web's most popular JavaScript library? I recently had the chance to interview jQuery Core Team leader, Dave Methvin, and discuss how he became involved with the project and where he sees front-end development headed. He's been a contributor to jQuery since 2006, and is also the President of the jQuery Foundation.Read More…
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    Master Developers: The Ember.js Core TeamEmber js
    Single page apps are the new hotness; everyone's trying to figure out the easiest way to build them. But it's more than just finding a couple of controls to slap together and sprinkling Ajax pixie dust on it. Building scalable and maintainable apps is serious business, which requires serious tools. Ember.js is a very serious framework for doing just that. Check out the interview I did with Ember.js Core Team leads, Yehuda Katz and Tom Dale, as they discuss what prompted them to begin the Ember project, its design philosophy, and where it fits into an already crowded library ecosystem.Read More…
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    Chatting with Obama For America's Director of Frontend Development: Daniel RyanDaniel ryan thumb
    Whether you lean to the right or the left, there's little doubt that, if you're a Nettuts+ reader, you'll likely agree that technology is rapidly shaping politics. In United States Presidential campaigns, the web was a major platform for front-facing unification of a message, but it was also a core part of each side's internal processes. Recently, we had the opportunity to interview Daniel Ryan - the Director of Frontend Development for "Obama for America" - about the strategies, technologies, and experiences that were a part of the race to November 6. Read More…
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    Master Developers: Dylan Schiemann (Dojo Creator)Dojo interview
    One of the most prominent figures in the JavaScript and open-source world is Dylan Schiemann, and for good reason. Dylan appears at conferences all over the world, supports open source projects with the Dojo Foundation, and most importantly, leads the Dojo Toolkit project. I talked to Dylan about what he's up to today, the release of Dojo 1.8, what we can see in Dojo 2.0, and what his plans are for the future.Read More…
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    Master Developers: Christian HeilmannChristian 400
    A developer evangelist fills an important role for a company. They serve as a communicator, a liason, a thoughful voice and more importantly, an integral part of the web development community. Few people encompass all of that as well as Christian Heilmann. Currently working as a principal technical evangelist at Mozilla, he's literally written the book on developer envangelism and offers up some insightful nuggest on his work. Read More…