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Collections of posts that take you through a particular topic or project.
  • Bourbon series

    Bourbon is a smooth and refined Sass mixin library for designers. It has a minimalistic approach and is serious about creating quality, scalable, semantic code. In this series we’ll take a distinguished look at the Bourbon library, along with its siblings Neat, Refills, and Bitters.

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  • Thumbnail

    WordPress already ships with loads of good stuff to make a membership site. Unfortunately most of the process is handled on the back end, and ideally we want to keep users away from the admin area. So over this three-part series we will be moving this process to the front of the site, throwing in some customization, and styling it up along the way. 

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  • Page links

    Sometimes instead of simply having your top-level pages in your site's navigation menu, you want to draw more attention to them by adding prominent links to them in your header. In this short series, we'll look at how to do that.

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  • Titan framework

    All the top notch web developers who are keen observers must have witnessed WordPress grow from a basic blogging forum to a full fledged development platform. 

    Powering millions of websites today, WordPress has now been acknowledged as a globally accepted go to CMS for web development. Initially, there was an impression that this CMS is aimed exclusively for code nerds who are well versed with their coding skills. 

    But later, WordPress community started to emphasize more on the development of frameworks which not only have enhanced the flexibility of WordPress but have also made coding process simpler and less time consuming.

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  • Magento

    In this tutorial series, we’ll be developing a Magento theme from scratch. During the series you’ll get very familiar with Magento terminology and how things are developed in it. I’ll try to explain everything as we go along, developing each component of the page step by step.

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    The Core Data framework has been around for many years. It's used in thousands of applications and by millions of people, both on iOS and OS X. Core Data is maintained by Apple and is very well documented. It's a mature framework that has proven it's value over and over.

    Even though Core Data relies heavily on the Objective-C runtime and integrates neatly with the Core Foundation framework, you can easily use the framework in your Swift projects. The result is an easy to use framework for managing an object graph that is elegant to use and incredibly efficient in terms of memory usage.

    In this series, you'll become familiar with the ins and outs of the Core Data framework. The Core Data framework may seem daunting at first, but you'll quickly learn that you only need to understand a few basic concepts to start working with this amazing piece of software.

    Do you prefer Objective-C instead of Swift? No problem. We also have a series on Core Data and Objective-C.

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