Code Learning Guides

Collections of posts that take you through a particular topic or project.
  • Laravel

    The process of software development is complicated. When we face problems, we usually try to tackle the complexity by turning it into more understandable and manageable pieces.

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  • Welcomepageplugin

    Right after you update WordPress, you are redirected to view a welcome page. This welcome page helps you better understand the new feature and bug fixes in the current update. Same is the case with a few plugins. When users install one of these plugins or update them, they are redirected to a welcome page. That welcome page is what we are going to build in this series.

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  • Preview

    Amazon Lumberyard (or just Lumberyard) is a free, multi-deploy platform engine that offers deep integration with both the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure and Twitch to improve general online game-play.

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  • Victory garden small

    If you are using Rails, I recommend taking a look under the hood to find out what tasks are at your disposal and how to write your own.

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  • International wordpress

    It's important to understand what internationalization is and what WordPress offers in the way of doing it. There are a few gotchas that may surprise you, especially if you're an experienced programmer. With that set out as the outline of this series, let's get started on getting a solid grasp of internationalizing our work in WordPress.

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  • React

    Build isomorphic web apps with Facebook's flexible JavaScript view library for building rapidly responsive user interfaces.

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